December 30, 2007

17 months and then some.

Well, I have been having computer problems as of late so we have a delay in the 17 month update. I took this video with one of my Christmas gifts. One of these. Fantastic I say.

It is Ellie on month 17. Basically, she likes to do a jig whenever she can.
We have also taken down the Christmas tree and the outside lights. We will not get a letter from the damn HOA this year!
We all had a wonderful Christmas by the way. Thank you to everyone who gave gifts to Ellie! She had a wonderful time opening everything or at least she had a wonderful time playing with everything once we opened it for her.
Yesterday we went to somewhat of a baby shower, where Ellie was playing with a drumset. I think we might have an Eddie Vedder on our hands. I don't even know if Liz reads this anymore but if so, she may be the only one who gets that above line.

I hope you all have a safe and sound New Year and at least for this family, we are all hoping for a much better 2008!
Until then...

December 24, 2007

Here comes Santa Claus.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Hope you all have a magical Christmas and hope Santa brings you everything your little heart desires...

December 20, 2007

I'm dreaming of a...

RED Christmas!
Oh wait, I dont' have to dream.

1 2 3 4 T
UTAH (9-4) 0 7 14 14 35
NAVY (8-5) 0 10 7 15 32

FINALLY! What a nice gift!

go utes!

I am a Utah Man, sir, and I live across the green,
Our gang it is the jolliest that you have ever seen.
Our coeds are the fairest and each one's a shining star,
Our yell, you'll hear it ringing through the mountains near and far!
Who am I, sir,
A Utah Man am I!
A Utah Man, sir,
Will be 'til I die.
We're up to snuff, we never bluff, we're game for any fuss.
No other gang of college men dare meet us in a muss.
So fill your lungs and sing it out and shout it to the sky,
We'll fight for dear old crimson for a Utah Man am I!

Let's make it a RED Christmas!

December 18, 2007


I went to the dentist on Monday to get a dental implant.
They did a bone graph and found I didn't have enough bone because of a root canal gone haywire.
They had to add bone to my existing bone so that in 4 months I can get the implant done.
Hence, the moo. They added cow bone to my bone and in 4 months it should all be molded together.
They did do another implant in another tooth and in that one just have to wait 2 months for that to heal to get my tooth in.
Basically, I am walking around here when I should be in Mississippi because I have 2 tooth missing.
Luckily, one is in the very back but the other, well, I just can't smile very big for 2 months.
If you catch me grazing in the front yard, you will know why.
And, I apologize if anyone is from Mississippi.

December 15, 2007

the advantages of living in sin city

you have the whole world right at your fingertips!

December 12, 2007

I feel like a celebrity just knowing you.

I think that Megan, your 15 minutes are up!
First Extreme Home Makeover,
and now you are on the
local news. (Click on the video)
I think that if your house doesn't sell after everyone saw that then something might be wrong.
Good luck

December 4, 2007


Remember when I talked about doing something like this earlier this year?
Well, I am so doing this next year (that is if I don't sell all my pez first)

got the picture here

seriously. what have I done?

I get this email saying save $5.00 on magazine subscriptions through Amazon. Good deal, right? The problem is I have no time to read the magazines I already get. Oh, and the fact that I am on a tight budget. However, that does not stop me! So, I go shopping and come out with these...

1. Wondertime - this is a good one. Kids stuff. And only $5.00 for a year with the discount.

2. Memory Makers - scrapbook magazine that I have never picked up. But why the hell not pick it up, just add it to all the others.

3. Smart Money - this was mainly for Joaquin. I thought I should think of him while doing this.

4. Country Living - what the flip did this go into the basket for. This is the one that floors me. Honestly, what was I thinking. I live in the damn city/desert - not the country. Nor do I want to. But for $7.00 for a yearly subscription, I guess I can skim through it. Hopefully I will see one page in the whole 12 months that will make it worthwhile.

I'm blaming all of it on the cold medicine.

December 3, 2007

just pat me on the back.

It has been a long 4 day weekend for me and not intentionally so. I had Friday off as I usually do and then had to call in sick today. Thanks to Ellie. Somehow she has managed to get everyone sick. However, as I type this Monday evening I feel worse than I did this morning when I called in. Go figure.

Anyway, while having 4 days off, I managed to get a lot in, if I do say so myself.

Made this.
Peppermint Fudge


3 tsp. butter, softened
4 oz. cream cheese, softened
4 c. powdered sugar
6 Tbsp. baking cocoa
1 tsp. milk
1 tsp. vanilla extract


2 oz. cream cheese, softened
2 c. powdered sugar
1/2 tsp. milk
1/2 tsp. peppermint extract
1/4 c. crushed peppermint candy (about 10-12 candies)

Line the bottom and sides of a square baking dish with foil. Grease foil with butter; set aside. In a small mixing bowl, beat cream cheese. Gradually beat in powdered sugar, cocoa, milk and vanilla. Spread into prepared pan. Chill for an hour until firm. For peppermint layer, beat cream cheese in a small mixing bowl. Gradually beat in powdered sugar, milk and extract. Stir in peppermint candy. Spread evenly over chocolate layer. Chill for an hour or until firm. Using foil, lift fudge from pan. Gently peel off foil and cut into squares.

and these.
Pretzel Hugs

1 bag pretzels
1 pkg. M&Ms
1 pkg. Hershey "Hugs"

Place pretzels on baking stone or sheet. Place a Hug on each pretzel and bake at 200 degrees for about 8 minutes (just watch for the Hugs to melt). Remove from oven and promptly place a couple of M&Ms on each pretzel, pressing into the melted chocolate. Allow to cool before serving.

And Pillsbury holiday cupcakes.

These were all so easy so I thought I would include the recipes for ya. Sorry though, I can't take credit for the photos.

Then today, I was able to get most of my christmas cards done. It still might be a little early though to actually stick those in the mail. However, I have some going to Cuba so maybe not...

December 1, 2007

hometown holidays and them some

Thursday night we took Ellie to the park by our house for the annual Christmas festivities. She met up with Ms. Claus who she loved and then went dancing up on the stage once some of the crowd had cleared. She was dancing with all the characters - Rudolph, Frosty, some mouse, the gingerbread man and Curious George. She was hilarious. This is one time when I wished we would have had the video camera. She had her groove going on, and you all know where she gets that from. Ha! Some lady even said she has good ears, she can totally hear the beat! I'm telling ya, she got that from me! She wasn't shy at all. She was going all over the stage and she even got close to some other kids - that is a big step! Hopefully she can keep the groove going!

So around here we are all sick with colds. I was the last one to get it and it came today. Good times happening around these parts. Actually, this is Ellie's first bout with any kind of sickness so I'd say at being 16 months, that is pretty good. And, to think I only breastfed for 3 weeks.

And then tonight while I was finally loading the pictures from the other day, I was giving Ellie a bath and asked her if she wanted her picture taken and she said ok. So this is her in her bath with her newly painted festive fingernails. Thanks to Jessica for that!

Now we are going to settle down and watch The Lion King. Basically I am trying for anything other than Sesame Street.
Wish me luck!

Here's to a magical Sunday.

November 27, 2007

oh my heck

So, I was watching Law and Order SVU tonight when they were talking about a mormon nanny from Utah.
Anyone see it?
They started talking to some of the nannies friends when one said "oh my heck". I laughed out loud right then.
Oh, the joys of being from Utah.

short but sweet

16 months today.

Where has the time gone?
Your new word is elephant and it cracks me up every time. You also say abuela (grandma in spanish)
You say ok if you want something.
You say I don't know or really I no no which is also hilarious.
You are ripping the Christmas tree apart.
You say mano (hand in spanish) when you want us to hold it. You are becoming quite the little bilingual - even teaching me some words!
She says more when she wants something and done when she is done with something.
You drink about a gallon of milk a day and we are lucky if you eat anything else. You will eat breakfast of oatmeal, yogurt and frozen berries though.
I think Ernie has taken over as your favorite. Although Elmo is still right up there. Too bad Ernie is gay.
Love you pretty girl!

November 26, 2007

food for thought

Earl Nightingale :
Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.

Something I need to try and do especially since I have to go to the dentist tomorrow - ugh. And to document things, I'm going to try and make this.

Have a happy day!

November 25, 2007


To Liz and Darryl -

Way to go on Little Ace!

Now, we all want pictures!

November 21, 2007


I guess since I have a blog I should probably actually update it... so this is going to be totally random.

Here are some pictures of us in New York City (some of the ones that didn't actually get deleted)

We put up our Christmas lights and our Christmas tree up this weekend. I figured if I could buy a Christmas tree at the same time I was getting a Halloween costume and that I could already donate to the Salvation Army at Albertsons, then I could probably put up my stuff before Thanksgiving. By the way, opted not to go with the Pez tree - too much preparation involved. Much easier to just pull out the old ornaments. Ellie loves it though and she is calling all the ornament balls - apples. Again, something to work on.

Joaquin had to go to court this week because he had to evict someone out of one of his rentals. But, they decided to fight it and there you have it. And he lost so now he hates the whole judicial system.

There is a new mall that just opened up here last week so we went to go check it out this past weekend. For those Utah folks, it is like a Gateway. Only in my opinion, better. First off, you aren't going to be treading through 8 feet of snow. Not all the stores are open yet but any day now...
However, Ellie got to see Santa out there. What a difference a year makes.

My good friend Liz is going to have a baby any day now. I found these and thought this might be a good gift until I remembered Darryl is in the music biz so Darryl, go get

Ellie had her 15 month check up the other day (again a little late) and the doctor basically said, well, I'd have to say she is long and lean with a big head. Nice.

Well, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so I hope you all have a very, very good one. We have 3 places to go. I am going to be rolling out of houses tomorrow and then into the stores at 5 a.m. to get the good deals! You know it's early when you go before Starbucks opens.

And, one more thing - go Utes. Kick some Cougar ass!
Until next time...

November 14, 2007

NYC highlights & lowlights

in no particular order...

1. taking tons of pictures and then having them all be magically erased.
2. strikers for broadway shows = no Legally Blonde.
3. buggy ride in Central Park.
4. Dad realizing that he doesn't hate New York as much as he thought he did.
5. been to NYC 5 times - this was the first time I saw a subway rat!
6. seeing the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree - although too early to see it all lit up.
7. getting there for the arrival of Starbucks holiday cups - simple pleasures!
8. getting a $8900.00 watch for $15.00!

9. family vacation!

November 9, 2007

in a New York minute

I'm heading out tomorrow for the Big Apple. Can't wait. Love that New York City. Should be fun and interesting. Leaving Joaquin and Ellie home so if anyone wants to call and check up - that would be sweet. Happy 60th birthday, Mom!

Thank you Darryl for the cd. Haven't listened yet but it has all been downloaded to the ipod. I will have to check it out this weekend. And to Melaney and Jessica - I think yours may have gotten lost in the mail???

Hope you all have a fantastic Veterans Day and look for me on the Today Show!

November 7, 2007


I'm thinking of doing some sort of gift where I can use quotes. Inspirational quotes, movie quotes, song lyrics or just good ole quotes if you will. Basically anything that you like. And I need ALOT! Please, if you have any or know of where I can find some good ones, off the wall ones, etc - please let me know.

Thanks and seriously, I need ALOT!

And, speaking of quotes, Ellie has taken to calling me Mom, just Mom. And she is also now saying I no no (I don't know) which is completely hilarious. I need to try getting that one on tape.

November 6, 2007


I have been tagged by Erica to give you 6 things that you may not know about me. Let's see how this goes...

1. I'm pretty sure we have 3 strippers living across the street from us. (Joaquin knows this but since he doesn't read this, it's okay)

2. I can make chocolate frosting when the craving hits and eat the whole bowl.

3. I haven't worn a dress for 2 years. If it wasn't for a cruise, the last time would be my wedding day. I am totally a jeans girl.

4. I am trying to come to the realization that I am never going to look the way I did in my 20's. It is very depressing to think about.

5. I want to be some sort of famous creative person. Whatever that means!

6. Fun Dip/Lik M Aid is my favorite candy, although it was very disappointing when they added the blue raspberry flavor.

Interesting? Not to much.

Sorry kids!

November 1, 2007

Happy November.

Remember a while ago when I said that I look at blogs/websites when I am bored? Well, I'm at it again. Only I need new blog/websites to keep me entertained. Anybody know of anything? Seriously, I am finding myself looking up blogs of Jessica's friends. And, while I love Erica, I could probably be her grandma or at least a great aunt. So I need some new blog love or website love - whatever you have to give me!

October 31, 2007

and to all a good night.

Happy Halloween!
Hope you all had a splendid time!

P.S. Meredith, thank you for the cute card - Ellie loved it!

October 30, 2007

it's that time again

music. get your music here.
time to mail them out!

October 29, 2007

open letter to Ellie at 15 months and 2 days


I am 2 days late in posting this due to the fact that we were at the beach. You got your first taste of being in the ocean. Really, your first taste. The water got on your face and you were licking your lips for quite a while. I'm assuming it was all the salt. Yum!

You would go around the hotel and say mama, daddy, gampa, yaya. Over and over. Too bad gampa and yaya weren't actually there. I asked you if you wanted to go home and you again said gampa and yaya. Is this a sign that you spend too much time over at your grandparents house? Or is it just that you like them more?
You can now say your name, something like this - ey ye.
You still LOVE Sesame Street. In addition to saying all of our names, you sometimes like to add in Ernie, Elmo and Cookie as if they are in the room.
You now know what the tiger, lion and bear say - pretty much the same thing - roar.
You put your hand up to your mouth and make noises when we ask you what Cookie monster does.
You now give real kisses. No more of the open mouth thing. Now we get the real thing with the smacking noise. You also give good hugs and you blow kisses as well.
You went on your first carousel ride and you kept saying moo for the animals - again, we need to work on that one.

You will take a bath and once all the water is gone, you look at yourself in the faucet, stand up, wave goodbye and walk the length of the bathtub and turn around and do it all over again. By the time you finally get out of the bathtub, you don't need a towel anymore - you are completely dry.
You sing along to the abc's in your own language but you know the tune. You also sing the part of "now I know". You also count somewhat. I say one and you say two. And then I say the rest up to seven and you finish with eight. Today though, you did chime in and gave me a six after five. Smart kid!
I can tell you to get in bed and you will walk over and climb right into your bed. The problem is getting you to stay there! We love it when you walk into our room in the morning and announce "hi". Although we do like it better at 7 then say 2 a.m.
It seems your mongolian spots are getting worse. Still only on your back but it freaks me out to put you in a swimming suit. I'm afraid I'm going to have CPS knocking on my door from some concerned parent. Hopefully those will disappear before preschool!
You are a joy to have around and you make us laugh everyday. Even on the bad days when you don't enough sleep. Sleep my dear, sleep. One day you will want all the sleep you can get!

Love you pretty girl,

October 24, 2007

going back to cali, stylin, profilin, growlin, and smilin, while in the sun

Thank you LL Cool J for such great lyrics (and yes, I had to look those up, I did not know them by heart)
We are heading to Newport for the long weekend (it's Nevada day around here). We booked our trip a couple weeks ago, had no idea the whole state would be on fire at that point.

Hopefully we will have a good time and not die of smoke inhalition. Oh yeah, here's hoping we actually make it there and back also.
Ya'll have a wonderful last weekend of October!

October 22, 2007

2 episodes?

CBS is singing the blues over "Viva Laughlin," which has been officially canceled after just two episodes.
Why couldn't it get axed after 1 episode?
I was lucky enough not to watch it but knew it wouldn't last.
2 episodes - what a shame!

October 17, 2007

I've had a huge grin on my face ever since I found out!

You did it!
Way to go on the new digs! I am SO excited for you, now we have to work on me!

October 13, 2007


Today was the Summerlin Pumpkin Patch. Ellie's first experience at a pumpkin patch. There was of course a pumpkin patch, and a little petting "zoo" and by zoo, I mean about 8 animals. A hay maze and of course Summerlin Sam made an appearance. Ellie kept going around to all the animals saying "moo" until I told her what they were. I guess if it was bigger than a dog, that is what she associated it with.

love this picture of her pigtails!

It was a good time.
Now, we are tending Ian, Liz's nephew and watching Fracture. Weird having 2 little ones in the house. Not that he isn't one cute little bugger but I just hope he stays asleep until Jonny & Jenny get back. This is alot of pressure!
One more thing, forgot to mention that my knee popped out yesterday. And in all the screams of pain and the stream of swear words that came out of my mouth, Ellie just sat there and laughed at me. Reminded me of when the same thing happened at Paul's and was captured on film!

October 9, 2007

PEZ christmas

I saw this on another blog (again, bored) and I got to thinking there has got to be a way for me to do this...

A PEZ Christmas tree. Not the main one, but maybe one for Ellie. I'm just wondering how I could put the PEZ on the tree? And then came to mind and maybe I could just take individual pictures and hang them? Somehow that doesn't seem very fun though. Any one have any ideas?

And since we were talking about, what do you all think of flashcards? Like the colors and numbers? Maybe things that start with the letters of the alphabet? Could be alot of work to take pictures of so many things. I might be over my head on this one.

October 8, 2007

random blah blah blahs...

I've started Christmas shopping. It freaks me out a little. It really is right around the corner you know. Just one more cd exchange and bam - it will be here!

I cleaned out the downstairs closet yesterday. It is a closet that goes under the stairs, perfect for a little hiding place/playroom. So, once Christmas is over, Ellie can go nuts in there. I also hung up all my pictures - my wall of glory pictures if you will. They are now in the closet but they look fabulous. I will someday have to take a picture. I also found a box of missing PEZ dispensers and some Christmas presents for the office. Now I don't have to worry about that this year!

I went to Starbucks today for lunch for a little pick me up. I might have to go there everyday for lunch. They were so nice, and a little coffee every day at noon doesn't hurt. Anyway, they gave me a few of the song of the day for itunes - it is CEU. I have never heard of her but if you want a free download, let me know and I will email you the code. I also have one more Mavis Staples from yesterday if you want the code for that one as well...

October 5, 2007

First off, Happy Birthday Dad!
We are all joining up to go to Hachi for dinner. Good sushi! From the last few posts, it seems like I have been going here a lot lately, but it is worth it! If anyone EVER comes to visit, you will have to check it out. And, they have cooked stuff also for all those wussies!

We headed to the Aladdin/Planet Hollywood to go to Desert Passage/Miracle Mile Shops - everything has changed around here. H&M was packed. Packed. Couldn't even get in. Didn't want to get in. It was tiny compared to other ones I have been to. I'm sure I'll go back at some point and check it out, but for now, I will just go to the one in NYC. (Did I mention I was going in a little over a month)? Never fear though, I did get some good shopping in at other stores. Bought Ellie an outfit, and one of her first Christmas presents - a Big Bird from Build a Bear. My mom also got her some beer bottle rings. There were about 15 and they came in all sorts of colors. Basically it is so you know which beer is yours when there are alot of people around. She will of course use them for bracelets, unless we break her in early with the Bud. She is going to be one stylin' chick on Christmas morning. I however, I got myself a couple sweaters too. It is supposed to be like 68 degrees tomorrow, I can't wait to rip out the sweaters and uggs!

This damn thing no longer emails me when someone has posted a comment. So, I just have to periodically check. Therefore, I can't really email you back so I may just have to put my own comment answering your questions. But, for now I will answer them here.
Lindsi - I told you I stalk blogs. Especially when I'm bored. That is how I found out about
Liz - Speaking of, you have some good ideas. I wonder what I will do...(if anything). Also, you may have been facetious, but I am going to try the V8 idea. I figure if she doesn't like it, at least I can drink it. Warm though. Only warm.


October 3, 2007

freaking cool stuff.

Have you guys seen or heard of this?
My mind is going crazy wanting to know what I could use any of this stuff for.
Any ideas?

October 2, 2007

we interrupt this...

I totally forgot to post pictures of what happened the other day next door to my house. It seems about every six months or so, something out of the ordinary is happening at my front door. This time was no exception...

This is the hot air balloon that landed on my neighbors roof one morning. I saw it as I was leaving my house to go to work.

This is Ellie at our bedroom window looking out once they got it off the roof and in the empty lot directly behind us.

Exciting stuff I tell ya!

Also, I have to fill in for Jen on Friday so I am taking Thursday off this week. Having to figure out what to do with Ellie is really the hardest part. Wouldn't it be so much easier if I just didn't work or worked out of the house? Any ideas? (no really, any ideas)? Anyway, the reason I am putting this out there is because now I can go to the opening of H&M. It is what I call the equivalent of IKEA only it is clothes. Should be a good time.

September 30, 2007

conversation #1

Me: Ellie, Can you say yes?
Ellie: No.

September 27, 2007

terrible twos. oh wait, 14 months.

14 months today. She is growing up quick. Is it possible that the terrible two tantrums and such start a lot earlier than 2?
She now says no. And shakes her head. But her no voice is so cute, that you just end repeating it back. I am however, trying to get her to say yes.
I say one. She says two.
She still doesn't sleep in her crib. But, she is out of our room. We got a toddler bed from a friend so she has been sleeping on that. She only wakes up once or twice a night and we go console her and then it's back to sleep. Only one of us ends up falling asleep on the floor while we are waiting. We are most likely going to switch out the crib to a toddler bed soon, so we can get rid of the other one. Her room is starting to have way to much stuff.
She is wearing 12 month clothes on some things. As you can see in the above picture, her 12 month skirt is drowning her. I put her in 9 month jeans the other day and they fit around the waist but were floods. Poor kid. Liz, I'm sure you can relate with Meredith.
She now says Oscar and Grover.
She can have a pile of toys in front of her and she always goes for the books. And the elastics that I call bracelets.
She says shoes and socks.
She cries uncontrollably when she sees that either me or Joaquin is leaving the room.
She loves wheat toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese and grapes. And of course, still watermelon. Anybody have any idea how I can sneak some vegetables in there? The only thing I can think of is putting ketchup in her easymac.
She says grandpa and you know it melts my dads heart.
She now has a total of 8 teeth.
She is very shy. She is not sure about other little kids. Hopefully that will change soon.
She loves to be outside. She would be out there all day if we let her.
She throws her arms in the air when we say touchdown.
She can entertain herself forever by opening and closing doors.
She can point out her hair, eyes, nose, tongue, tummy, knees, and toes. Still working on the shoulders and ears.
She gives kisses and hugs. Love the hugs!
She wants to climb over or on top of things.
And that is Ellie in a nutshell. Or at least what I can remember right now. I should really start writing these things down when they happen. Have I said that before?
I almost forgot the most important thing - she now says I love you!

September 26, 2007

heartburn lady and cd's

Let me just preface this by saying, if you were allergic to peanuts, I would not offer you a peanut butter sandwich.
With that, a while back, someone I know claimed my candle gives her heartburn (hence heartburn lady). Now, let me give you this, something I found on wikipedia to indicate that unless she is in here actually eating my candle, I don't think she could actually get heartburn, but I digress...

Foods that may cause heartburn:

Sodas (including cola), and other carbonated beverages
Citrus fruits and juices
Tomatoes and tomato sauces (such as pizza and pasta sauce)
Spicy foods
Red pepper (capsicum)
Peppermint and spearmint
Dry foods such as peanuts
Fatty foods such as ice cream
Bread and other foods derived from grains
Wine, particulary white wine.
Drugs are also known to cause or trigger heartburn symptoms.

Tobacco products (cigarettes, snuff, etc.)
Cocaine, and especially Methamphetamine is known to trigger heartburn.
Alcohol, especially in red wine.
Caffeine, as found in Coffee, tea, cola, and other beverages
It can also be psychosomatic, primarily in relation to stress and fatigue

Fast forward to yesterday, I am again burning my Utah Utes candle, which Kathy and Mike so gracially gave me, but keep in mind, my door is closed. Well, she then claims that she is allergic to candles and she is going to have to go to Quick Care to get some medicine for this. And, if it is burning tomorrow she won't be here. Now again, I have heard of people being allergic to flowers or perfume, but this is a candle in my CLOSED door office.

So, now she is not talking to me. Nor is she talking to anyone who has talked to me.

My question is, do I get her a very fragrant candle and a bottle of Tums for Christmas?

It looks like everyone is in for another round of cd exchanges, so how about the beginning of November?

September 20, 2007

thinking ahead.

So, let's say you were a family
you were to get just a family gift - something for the whole family to enjoy.
What would you like to receive? Or would you just like individual gifts for everyone?
Please help, I need ideas...

Thanks, and feel free to pass this message onto anyone who could help me who normally doesn't read this. You can do that by clicking the envelope by the comments.

September 19, 2007

i heart fall.

The weather is changing around here - finally! I think we might be able to open the windows sometime soon.
I love it.
Time for Starbucks caramel apple cider. And for those of you who are "afraid" of coffee drinks, I highly recommend this.
Football. Go Utes! Utah vs. UNLV this weekend!
Changing leaves. We are heading up to Mt Charleston on Sunday, I'm hoping there might be something but somehow I think I am headed for disappointment.
Candy corn.
New TV.
Pumpkin patches.
Holidays right around the corner.
I love it all - bring it on!

September 17, 2007

September 14, 2007

my not so glamourous life

This week...
Joaquin and I went to Hachi for our anniversary.
He sent be these beautiful flowers.

I got a letter put in my file by the President. Not a good thing.
I came home to this last night.

We took Ellie to Chuck E Cheese for the first time with some friends of ours and decided we might have to make it a somewhat regular thing.

I took these pictures for Melaney of my scrapbook space. Good luck.

We are going to the San Gennaro Festival tonight.
I am going to St. George tomorrow for a baby shower.
Our friend Chris gets back from Iraq tomorrow so we will be celebrating with him on Sunday.
And, I'm going to get my hair done in about 1 hour. Very exciting.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

September 11, 2007

dedicated to those who want free music...

So kids, did you all get your cd's?
Good, bad, ugly?
Did you want to start doing this every other month?
Let me know...

Also, Jessica's playlist was totally screwed up (incase you didn't realize) so I'll leave it up to her to post the real order here...

September 10, 2007

3 years.

Good times. Bad times. Ups and downs. There is no one I would rather have them all with.
Happy Anniversary babe!

September 4, 2007

let's hear it for hidden tracks!

Darryl - just got my cd in the mail - so far so good but a hidden track! Brilliant! I need info so I can load it up!
Did everyone else get theirs mailed out?

September 3, 2007

i'm bringing sexy back...yeah

them other mothers don't know how to act...yeah

Took Joaquin to see Justin Timberlake last night as a surprise anniversary gift. He was so excited. And we were not the oldest ones there! So happy to surprise someone - fun!

September 1, 2007

holy shit.

just hit 1000 lurkers!

go team!!!

August 30, 2007

i got another confession to make...

I have been sleeping with someone else.

Did that get your attention??

Ellie. Me, Joaquin and Ellie. I need help! The child will not sleep in her crib. Today we went in for Ellie's year checkup (a little late) and I told the doctor about this problem. He said, just let her cry it out, it may take a few days but I would do that. Now, the reason she doesn't sleep in her crib is because Joaquin isn't on board with this. He doesn't want her to suffer. Well, neither do I but I'm about ready to go sleep in the guest room!

So, I need help, suggestions - anything from people who have been in this situation. How did you get your kid to sleep? Did they cry it out until they learned this is the way it is or is there some other method that Joaquin might be willing to go for?

Desperate and Overcrowded Bed.

August 29, 2007

shameless plug.

WAMU. Get your WAMU home loan here!
Contact Joaquin (or me and I'll get you Joaquin) for info!
All states available except for Texas (where apparently they DON'T do it big there)

August 28, 2007

this is what I found after I took her out of her highchair...

and then 10 minutes later she through a tantrum while in the bathtub.



Has anyone, or anyone know of anyone who has taken a Disney Cruise?
Good? Bad? Ugly?
Any thoughts just might help me out!

August 27, 2007


She is walking. Full force. Has been happening for a while now but in the last 2 weeks, it has become no more crawling.
I tried to get a video of this on here but still fully don't fully understand this computer.
She is walking up the stairs - very scary. For those of you that haven't been to our house (and that would be about 98% of you) - hello come visit, they are wood. About 7 on one level go up turn around and then 8 more. Does that make any sense? Anyway, they are wood. If she falls, it is not a nice landing!
She has 6 teeth. 3 on top. 3 on bottom.
She is talking. Boy, is she talking.
She says a-choo after someone sneezes.
She says doggy and says woof when you ask her what the doggy says.
She says cookie and big bird and duck.
And she said shit the other day. Finally, it only took her 13 months!
The other day, I gave her some milk and went about my business. I came back to check on her and she was just blabbering aloud while looking through her book. So cute!
She knows what kiss and beso (kiss in spanish) means.
She dances when you say shake it baby whether there is music or not.
When you say let me see, she opens her mouth to show you there is or isn't any more food in there.
She still doesn't sleep thru the night, nor is she on any sort of schedule for anything. Good times!

Here she is dancing to the music at the pool for Joaquin's birthday party. Such concentration.