August 30, 2007

i got another confession to make...

I have been sleeping with someone else.

Did that get your attention??

Ellie. Me, Joaquin and Ellie. I need help! The child will not sleep in her crib. Today we went in for Ellie's year checkup (a little late) and I told the doctor about this problem. He said, just let her cry it out, it may take a few days but I would do that. Now, the reason she doesn't sleep in her crib is because Joaquin isn't on board with this. He doesn't want her to suffer. Well, neither do I but I'm about ready to go sleep in the guest room!

So, I need help, suggestions - anything from people who have been in this situation. How did you get your kid to sleep? Did they cry it out until they learned this is the way it is or is there some other method that Joaquin might be willing to go for?

Desperate and Overcrowded Bed.

August 29, 2007

shameless plug.

WAMU. Get your WAMU home loan here!
Contact Joaquin (or me and I'll get you Joaquin) for info!
All states available except for Texas (where apparently they DON'T do it big there)

August 28, 2007

this is what I found after I took her out of her highchair...

and then 10 minutes later she through a tantrum while in the bathtub.



Has anyone, or anyone know of anyone who has taken a Disney Cruise?
Good? Bad? Ugly?
Any thoughts just might help me out!

August 27, 2007


She is walking. Full force. Has been happening for a while now but in the last 2 weeks, it has become no more crawling.
I tried to get a video of this on here but still fully don't fully understand this computer.
She is walking up the stairs - very scary. For those of you that haven't been to our house (and that would be about 98% of you) - hello come visit, they are wood. About 7 on one level go up turn around and then 8 more. Does that make any sense? Anyway, they are wood. If she falls, it is not a nice landing!
She has 6 teeth. 3 on top. 3 on bottom.
She is talking. Boy, is she talking.
She says a-choo after someone sneezes.
She says doggy and says woof when you ask her what the doggy says.
She says cookie and big bird and duck.
And she said shit the other day. Finally, it only took her 13 months!
The other day, I gave her some milk and went about my business. I came back to check on her and she was just blabbering aloud while looking through her book. So cute!
She knows what kiss and beso (kiss in spanish) means.
She dances when you say shake it baby whether there is music or not.
When you say let me see, she opens her mouth to show you there is or isn't any more food in there.
She still doesn't sleep thru the night, nor is she on any sort of schedule for anything. Good times!

Here she is dancing to the music at the pool for Joaquin's birthday party. Such concentration.

August 21, 2007

to the right. to the right

see the new poll - take it!


Am I missing something? Did Mitt Romney get elected as the Republican candidate for President? I have seen a few bumper stickers stating Mitt Romney for President. Shouldn't he at least make sure he makes it through the first round? If that is the case, I'm going to vote for Jimmy. Margaritaville 24/7!

Just wondering...

August 17, 2007

happy birthday

Happy 39th Birthday Joaquin!
We love you and we hope you have a fabulous weekend!

-Lori & Ellie

August 16, 2007

what the flip??

While out and about today at lunch, I turn on the radio and go thru all 12 preset stations and nothing. The best thing I could find was Sister Christian. Sister. Freakin. Christian. That either means
a - I need to get new stations set in
b - the radio here sucks

I'm going with b. And I'm sure the rest of you will agree that the radio here does indeed suck.

In other news...
Does anyone out there have a Mac? I am trying to make a ivideo/dvd and need help.

And, for the cd exchange. We have myself, Emilee, Jessica, Daryl and Melaney in on this. So for you guys, how about starting the beginning of September? Just get your cd in order and make 4 copies and mail them out to everyone. Sound like a plan? Or, is there another way you want to work it?
I am just going to make a disclaimer right now on this...I can not be responsible if you don't like the music I put on my cd's!

August 13, 2007

sesame street

good news...
looks like they have new episodes of Sesame Street out. Finally.
And for Daryl, hopefully you tivo'd it because Tina Fey was the guest star!

August 8, 2007

I went to the bookstore today in search for magazines for the plane ride and I always pass the best sellers section and wonder to myself, what if I actually read a book instead of these damn magazines all the time. So, I thought I would put this out there, I have no idea what book to read. I need suggestions. Something that I am going to WANT to read, that I can't put down book, or that I can read in like 2 days because it's so good. Oh wait, I don't have 2 days to read a book, maybe more like 2 weeks. I mean, no pressure or anything, but it has really got to be good because I already have some new ones at home collecting dust. Anyway, suggestions??? Anyone...

August 6, 2007

here's my kid...

- sorry you will have to copy and paste if you want to see them...

we went to go get 1 year pictures yesterday. It was much better than the 6 month ones we went for. Much better. The white dress is one that Joaquin's mom got her for her birthday so I guess it was only appropriate that we get her a picture in the dress. I told Joaquin we could use it for Halloween - just add a tiara and a wand and viola - you've got a princess.

But, then I found this...

August 3, 2007

glorious friday

Ah, I am really going to enjoy getting used to this schedule. So nice to actually feel like I have accomplished something at my house!
For instance, today:
I finished 2 loads of laundry
I went grocery shopping (where I really feel like a mom because on a Friday morning, that is who is at the grocery store with the kids)
I had a lengthy conversation with Liz (that doesn't happen much anymore)
I made dinner out of the Bagley family recipe book and Joaquin actually went back for seconds (not a normal occurance)
Ellie took a morning and afternoon nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We went to lunch at Cafe Rio (where else) for Jessica's homecoming
I gave myself a manicure
I started Joaquin's anniversary gift and am almost done
I started on thank you notes
all of this because I now have 4 day work weeks - love it!!!

And one week from today I will be in fabulous Seattle with my husband celebrating our 3rd year anniversary. A month early but still 3 years - or 15 years give or take a few...hard to believe none the less.

And while talking to Liz today, I realized I have a new blog admirer, so this is for you Meredith. Of course it would be better if everyone was looking at the camera, but why be picky?