January 31, 2008

blue man group.

2 words - don't go.
Joaquin and I got tickets from that place I was talking about before. Anyway, it really wasn't good. I remember seeing it years ago back in the old days when Paul owned the Luxor, and back then I didn't think it was that bad. Could be that I was maybe, I don't know 10?
So, if you ever come visit Vegas, go spend your money on something good - like Megabucks!

January 30, 2008

celebrity sighting

While at my local Starbucks this morning - guess who was sitting there...

It's pretty sad when you live in a city where there is a celebrity here every weekend and this is who you get to see.
I think I will have to start posting pictures of me with real celebrities so you know that they do exist!

January 28, 2008

my fellow americans.

Just a few things...

First out, kuddos to Liz for quitting her job and being a stay at home mom. Lucky you and the rest of you out there! Now, it's my turn!

Second, thank you all for the recipes. I have cooked every night since Friday. So far 3 meals were hits, 1 was a miss. First night I made Coke chicken as I had the ingredients on hand. It turned out dry and not to exciting but the next night, I recycled the chicken and made chicken enchiladas and Joaquin loved those. Last night I made the easiest baked ziti ever and then tonight we had another easy dish of chicken cordon bleu bake. Another hit. 4 dinners in a row - miraculous! If anyone wants any recipes, let me know.

Third, these are on sale at Target if anyone wanted to send me a valentine!

Fourth, I took this video of Ellie yesterday at the opening of Sesame Street - you may need a translator but I think you should get the general idea. At the end, she is mimicking Cookie monster. Cracks me up every time I watch this.

And here are her stats from the doc today - height 32 1/4 inches (50-75%), weight 21 lbs 10 oz (10-25%), head 48 cm (75-90%) so again, the doctor says "so she is long and lean with a big noggin" and then Ellie blew him a kiss when he left.

Fifth, I have a new reader, yeah! Camille, email me - lbags999@yahoo.com so I can have your email address.

And, let me answer some questions some of you had over the last few posts.

Lindsi - totally hadn't thought of the Y thing. Good news, Ellie was watching Sesame Street tonight (go figure) and U was the letter of the day. When they were holding them up, I asked her what the letter was and she got it right - we are on to something!
Chelsie - I have been collecting flamingos since high school when we would go out and steal (or borrow if you will) them from peoples yards. However, now the collection has moved to stuffed animals.
And, Joshua Radin. I learned about him from my good friend (or so I like to think) Zach Braff. I have known about him for a couple years and went to go see him at a bar here in town with about 20 other people - fabulous!
Melaney - I did try the family cookbook a while ago, I may need to pull it out again. I like the easy ones though!
Tausha - the dogs at the top are my parents. I don't know if you can see her right hand but it looks like she is talking to them with her hand and of course, they are listening!

January 27, 2008

could it really be 18 months already

I know I probably say this every month, but, seriously, where has the time gone?
18 months is a long time! And yet, it has flown on by!

Without boring you anymore (because I'm sure all you parents are like yada, yada, yada - yes, we know it goes by fast...)
This is what she is up to.
1. She says "oh boy" and in a very ecstatic voice
2. She says flamingo - which is a good thing since she has taken over the collection.
3. She is now putting together wood puzzles and when she doesn't get it in the spot she says stuck.
4. Whenever she has kaka pants she says sorry, okay over and over and over. I'm still not sure where that one came from.
5. She has a stuffed Shrek and when you ask her what Shrek says, she says - donkey!
6. Right now most of her 18 month pants fall down. The other day, she was playing and a pair just fell right off.
7. She still loves Sesame Street and sings along with almost all the songs - might be sign that she watches to much???
8. She now says cheese when I pull the camera out.
9. I can know put her hair in one pigtail - love it!
10. For some reason she can point out the letter Y. Not sure about that one either.
11. She sings along with the abc's and she counts on her own up to 5, and then skips to 8.
12. She is turning into a little artist - she has a table and chairs from IKEA that I was going to paint but instead it has all her lovely drawings on it. I might just have to leave it.
13. She turns herself in circles until she gets dizzy and falls over.
14. She knows her colors and by that, she knows the names. Not what colors are. However, she can usually point out the color pink.
15. If I say ready, she says go.
16. She will blow kisses to anyone if they say bye. She did it to the cashier at the store the other day.
17. She can sometimes be a broken record - saying tete or open over and over until we do something.
18. And, she is finally starting to feed herself with a fork. Which is great until clean up the floor time.

And that is about it - she is heading to the doctor tomorrow for more shots! Of course, my favorite part are the stats.
Until tomorrow...

January 23, 2008


Is it bad when your 18 month old knows what pizza is?
When you call your husband to see if he wants dinner he says what are you getting as opposed to what are you making?

I think this might be a sign.
Help! I need super easy peasy recipes. The kind that I can make after I get home from working all day. The kind where I have the ingredients on hand.
Anybody out there have any they want to share?

January 18, 2008

1 year

I had planned on a big blog update today since I started this whole thing one year ago today.
I went to the Mitt Romney rally here last night (still not sure who I am going to vote for in tomorrow's caucus) but I had a video for you.
But, my computer cord is going to start on fire so I can't keep powering it up. Hopefully I can get that fixed this weekend.
Lucky for me, I have my new iphone so I can check the internet and emails that way!
Anyway, I apologize I don't have more for you - blame the smoke.

January 16, 2008

it's just so fresh.

So, just a little note that I hope everyone was glued to the tv today or at least tivo'd Ellen and Oprah.
Because, they were fantastic!
First off, Joshua Radin on Ellen - need I say more? I really do love that man. And, if you don't know who he is - might I suggest you look him up.

And then Oprah has to go and have the cast of Juno on. Seriously, I loved that movie as I have mentioned before and it's wierd but I may even like Ben Affleck again (not like I used to, I mean who can really get over the whole JLo thing), and I'm off on a tangent because what does he really have to do with Juno anyway? Nada.

January 11, 2008

a little of this. a little of that.

Well, we made it to The Producers on Wednesday night. An early weekday date night if you will. It was at the Paris and it starred Tony Danza. Yes, that Tony Danza from Taxi or for you young ins, Who's The Boss. It was cool, it was fun, we liked it. My favorite part was the part with the dancing chairs...Ah, the good ole days! Anyway, we rocked it on the tickets. We got set up on this deal where if you are a local, you pay an amount for the year and whenever a show comes up with any extra tickets you get notified and can try to go. And that kids, is how we went to see the show for super cheap! If anyone is planning on moving here and becoming a local, I'll give you details! And if that isn't a reason for everybody to move here...

I came home last night from work and had to tell Joaquin that I loved him more than the day before because he cleaned the whole damn house! Gotta seriously love that. Laundry and everything. What a super trooper!

And, can I just say (for one more time) that aside from not working at all, I really do love the 4 day week schedule. I get so much done with that one extra day. Like today for instance, hanging out with Joaquin and Ellie, going to Cafe Rio with my mom for lunch, getting some things mailed out and possibly scrap booking a page or two.

That's all folks, I hope you have a phenomenal weekend!

January 10, 2008

dedicated to liz.

Happy Birthday Liz.
You are one lucky girl - sharing your birthday with Shawn Colvin, Pat Benatar and Rod Stewart - who knew.
A little tribute...

Ah, remember back in the day of going to Vegas every weekend on a whim before I lived here. Either buying a $300 plane ticket or renting a fabulous Neon. Those were the days. Vegas needs you back man!

One question. Were you flipping me off because you know how I love it or because you were truly pissed someone was waiting for you with a camera around the staircase?
Either way, I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend and I hope you can get a way from the rugrats for just a minute at least...

See you in a month!

January 7, 2008

hells ya, I had a date.

Joaquin and I are trying to have a date night once a week. So far, we are going strong with 2 in the last 2 weeks. Hoping for another one this week to go see The Producers but I'll have to keep you posted on that one. Anyway, we went to go see
I Am Legend on Saturday night. This was after much debate of me saying how stupid this movie was going to be and that Joaquin owed me big for wasting a good 2 hours of my life. Well, after seeing the movie, I had to say that it actually wasn't that bad. There, I said it in print. I was expecting some kind of movie like Tom Hanks (except in this case, Will Smith) stuck somewhere with no one but a damn volleyball. Not at all like that.

Then, on Sunday my mom, Jessica and I went to go see Juno,
(Joaquin got to tend as part of the agreement of me going to see I Am Legend) and it was fabulous. I love that Juno girl. If my child gets knocked up at 16, I hope she is just like her! I can't believe I just put that in writing either.

So, anyone have any other must see movies?

January 5, 2008

in search of...

a sippy cup. A good one. One that doesn't leak or spill. Please, any suggestions?

January 3, 2008


It has come to my attention that it is in fact January 3rd!
Does anyone want to do the cd exchange anymore or should it just be between Darryl and I? Post here - thoughts?

January 2, 2008


It's official.
I'm coming to town with Ellie in February. The 7th-10th to be exact.
Other than a piercing and hopefully a hair appointment, I should be free.
Anyone want to hang out?

On another note, I almost hit a coyote going home yesterday. I'm taking that as a good sign of what is to come in 2008!