July 29, 2007

ahh...the party

So, apparently being from Cuba, everyone is on "island time". This whole time, I thought it was just Joaquin. The invitations go out saying party at 5:00 which apparently in "island time" means anywhere from 6:00 to 9:00. Aside from them being there at some point, we ran out of propane at a bbq, the fire alarm went off from the smoke, Ellie got lots of gifts and I think everyone had an okay time. At least for the gringos, it will be a story to tell and hey, we have another year until it all happens again!
Thanks to everyone for their help and for all the gifts - Ellie is going to be having lots of fun. And I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures of the night...

and this was before she really dove into the cake!

July 27, 2007

365 days ago...

365 days ago. I remember it well.
Got admitted to the hospital early in the morning for them to tell me sorry you are going home, but we want you to get an ultrasound today as soon as possible. Proceeded to throw up all day, had contractions all day, none of which were timed at the same amount. Went to get the ultrasound, proceeded to throw up there. (Hope no is eating while reading this). Went home, tried to rest, started bleeding, freaked out and went to the hospital again. Got admitted at 7-8 dilated, begged for the epidural, threw up and broke water all within about 15 seconds of each other and then little Elliana was born at 7:02 p.m. They put her on my chest for a minute and then whisked her away to the NICU. And then while they were cleaning up the room I remember the girl asking if she could watch the rest of So You Think You Can Dance.

Fast forward 365 days.

Like I've said, she is almost walking.
She holds her bottles and she now gets the sippy cup.
She holds the phone to her ear and says hello.
She can tell you where her nose is.
She sticks out her tongue when you ask her where that is.
Ask her where her hair is and she touches it and says wow.
Her vocabulary consists of: hello, agua, wow, momma, daddy, tete (pacifier in spanish), hi, thank you, uh oh.
She slides down off the couch or bed on her stomach.
She loves being outside and playing with dirt and rocks.
She waves hello.
She has 3 teeth.
She sings the la la's along with Elmo on Elmo's world.
She shakes her head no instead of saying it.
She is back to giving kisses.
And she still doesn't sleep though the night...

Tomorrow is going to be one big day of celebrating. Family and friends are coming for an Elmo bbq fiesta. Hope it all goes well.

Until then...

July 24, 2007

good day

Ellie is now taking 7-8 steps at a time. She may be full on by the time her birthday arrives. Although, for now she prefers crawling - she can get places faster.

My 4 day work weeks were approved! Now, I'm looking at 3 day weekends, getting Friday's off starting next week. Ellie & I are going to get to hang!

For some reason as I type this, I am watching Cribs on MTV. Keep in mind, I think MTV is completely ridiculous at this point, but this guy who I have never heard of (surprise) who plays for the Boston Red Sox has a 78000 square foot house. What the f**k does anyone do in that size of house?

I'm going to Seattle - one of the best places on earth! 2 weeks away! Joaquin has to go for training so I am going to tag along once it's over and just go for the weekend. I am soooo excited. a - it's Seattle, nuff said. but b - it is just an adult vacation which we so need at this point, or maybe it's just what I need so bad at this point.

Ellie has got to be the sweetest kid on the planet. Giving kisses right and left. She just makes me smile everyday!

July 22, 2007

i love thee...mac and walking anyone?

just messing around on the computer this morning and came upon some pretty cool shit.
I'll have to mess around some more (you know when I have some time) to see what other good stuff I can find! And of course show you the cool stuff.

And, Ellie is walking. Or at least taking 2 to 3 steps every now and then. Just wait though. We may have a walker on our hands in no time!
Now, if I could only get her to sleep through the night...

July 18, 2007

update schmupdate

So, as I mentioned before, July is one busy month for me. But apparently in all the busyness of everything I am still expected to blog. Here goes it...

1. The backyard is pretty much done. Joaquin has been working his ass off to get it all done and it looks great. We invite everyone to come to Vegas to check it out!

2. Bunco is over and done with. Had some snags since I was only supposed to have 12 people but someone kept calling subs and then I ended up with 15. But it's over and everyone should have had fun dammit!

3. Right now I'm in the process of ripping off all my nails. (You did want to know what was happening around here)

4. I started a photography class online a few weeks ago, and since starting that I have not taken one picture. I don't think that is what was supposed to happen. So, with that, no pictures of Ellie on this one. Sorry Jess, but I will send one in a care package.

5. I got my job pretty much taken away this week. They are doing everything up in SLC now. So, with that I made a proposal to work 4 days a week so I can still get benefits and then I have one extra day with Ellie. Or to scrapbook. And to my new "clients" Danielle and Megan - you could send down your stuff any day!

6. For those of you who know what I am talking about, Claritan does not work that well.

7. My mom rocks. Nuff said. But, remember when everyone used to hate coming to my house if she was home - those days are no longer.

8. I have to go bowling on Friday. Steph, the bowling team queen - any pointers?

9. I've been downloading a bunch of new music, getting ready for this cd exchange. Such pressure. So far we've got me, Emilee and Jessica and Darryl. Anyone else?

10. Don't you hate it when people are complete idiots on the phone. This is what I deal with all day.

11. Liz, or anyone else for that matter, have you seen this - The World Series of Pop Culture? This is so right up your alley.

12. And, a blog shout out to Erica. Who knew Ms. DC? Very cool.

13. Lucky number. We'll leave at that.

July 2, 2007

holy hell, could it get any hotter...

July 2nd and it is in the 110's, as in degrees. They are having a get to know your neighbor party here on the 4th at 4 pm. Oh yes, that is the day that it is supposed to be 115 degrees! We'll see if we make it out the door.

We got back from SLC. It was great to see everyone again, and how fun to meet up with everyone and their kids at the zoo. I wish I could just take my kid out on any Friday morning...
(just for you Liz)

The farmers market was fantastic! It was so much bigger than I remember. In fact, Emilee did mention that she thought it was the best this year. If you haven't been, you need to go. You won't be sorry! Even if you don't buy anything, people watching is always good!

I was talking to Emilee and Jessica this weekend and we were talking about doing some sort of cd exchange. Just mail each other a cd concoction that we have come up with monthly. Good way to learn about other music. Anyway, I thought I should blog this and see if anyone else wants in because hey, free music! So, anyone???