September 30, 2007

conversation #1

Me: Ellie, Can you say yes?
Ellie: No.

September 27, 2007

terrible twos. oh wait, 14 months.

14 months today. She is growing up quick. Is it possible that the terrible two tantrums and such start a lot earlier than 2?
She now says no. And shakes her head. But her no voice is so cute, that you just end repeating it back. I am however, trying to get her to say yes.
I say one. She says two.
She still doesn't sleep in her crib. But, she is out of our room. We got a toddler bed from a friend so she has been sleeping on that. She only wakes up once or twice a night and we go console her and then it's back to sleep. Only one of us ends up falling asleep on the floor while we are waiting. We are most likely going to switch out the crib to a toddler bed soon, so we can get rid of the other one. Her room is starting to have way to much stuff.
She is wearing 12 month clothes on some things. As you can see in the above picture, her 12 month skirt is drowning her. I put her in 9 month jeans the other day and they fit around the waist but were floods. Poor kid. Liz, I'm sure you can relate with Meredith.
She now says Oscar and Grover.
She can have a pile of toys in front of her and she always goes for the books. And the elastics that I call bracelets.
She says shoes and socks.
She cries uncontrollably when she sees that either me or Joaquin is leaving the room.
She loves wheat toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese and grapes. And of course, still watermelon. Anybody have any idea how I can sneak some vegetables in there? The only thing I can think of is putting ketchup in her easymac.
She says grandpa and you know it melts my dads heart.
She now has a total of 8 teeth.
She is very shy. She is not sure about other little kids. Hopefully that will change soon.
She loves to be outside. She would be out there all day if we let her.
She throws her arms in the air when we say touchdown.
She can entertain herself forever by opening and closing doors.
She can point out her hair, eyes, nose, tongue, tummy, knees, and toes. Still working on the shoulders and ears.
She gives kisses and hugs. Love the hugs!
She wants to climb over or on top of things.
And that is Ellie in a nutshell. Or at least what I can remember right now. I should really start writing these things down when they happen. Have I said that before?
I almost forgot the most important thing - she now says I love you!

September 26, 2007

heartburn lady and cd's

Let me just preface this by saying, if you were allergic to peanuts, I would not offer you a peanut butter sandwich.
With that, a while back, someone I know claimed my candle gives her heartburn (hence heartburn lady). Now, let me give you this, something I found on wikipedia to indicate that unless she is in here actually eating my candle, I don't think she could actually get heartburn, but I digress...

Foods that may cause heartburn:

Sodas (including cola), and other carbonated beverages
Citrus fruits and juices
Tomatoes and tomato sauces (such as pizza and pasta sauce)
Spicy foods
Red pepper (capsicum)
Peppermint and spearmint
Dry foods such as peanuts
Fatty foods such as ice cream
Bread and other foods derived from grains
Wine, particulary white wine.
Drugs are also known to cause or trigger heartburn symptoms.

Tobacco products (cigarettes, snuff, etc.)
Cocaine, and especially Methamphetamine is known to trigger heartburn.
Alcohol, especially in red wine.
Caffeine, as found in Coffee, tea, cola, and other beverages
It can also be psychosomatic, primarily in relation to stress and fatigue

Fast forward to yesterday, I am again burning my Utah Utes candle, which Kathy and Mike so gracially gave me, but keep in mind, my door is closed. Well, she then claims that she is allergic to candles and she is going to have to go to Quick Care to get some medicine for this. And, if it is burning tomorrow she won't be here. Now again, I have heard of people being allergic to flowers or perfume, but this is a candle in my CLOSED door office.

So, now she is not talking to me. Nor is she talking to anyone who has talked to me.

My question is, do I get her a very fragrant candle and a bottle of Tums for Christmas?

It looks like everyone is in for another round of cd exchanges, so how about the beginning of November?

September 20, 2007

thinking ahead.

So, let's say you were a family
you were to get just a family gift - something for the whole family to enjoy.
What would you like to receive? Or would you just like individual gifts for everyone?
Please help, I need ideas...

Thanks, and feel free to pass this message onto anyone who could help me who normally doesn't read this. You can do that by clicking the envelope by the comments.

September 19, 2007

i heart fall.

The weather is changing around here - finally! I think we might be able to open the windows sometime soon.
I love it.
Time for Starbucks caramel apple cider. And for those of you who are "afraid" of coffee drinks, I highly recommend this.
Football. Go Utes! Utah vs. UNLV this weekend!
Changing leaves. We are heading up to Mt Charleston on Sunday, I'm hoping there might be something but somehow I think I am headed for disappointment.
Candy corn.
New TV.
Pumpkin patches.
Holidays right around the corner.
I love it all - bring it on!

September 17, 2007

September 14, 2007

my not so glamourous life

This week...
Joaquin and I went to Hachi for our anniversary.
He sent be these beautiful flowers.

I got a letter put in my file by the President. Not a good thing.
I came home to this last night.

We took Ellie to Chuck E Cheese for the first time with some friends of ours and decided we might have to make it a somewhat regular thing.

I took these pictures for Melaney of my scrapbook space. Good luck.

We are going to the San Gennaro Festival tonight.
I am going to St. George tomorrow for a baby shower.
Our friend Chris gets back from Iraq tomorrow so we will be celebrating with him on Sunday.
And, I'm going to get my hair done in about 1 hour. Very exciting.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

September 11, 2007

dedicated to those who want free music...

So kids, did you all get your cd's?
Good, bad, ugly?
Did you want to start doing this every other month?
Let me know...

Also, Jessica's playlist was totally screwed up (incase you didn't realize) so I'll leave it up to her to post the real order here...

September 10, 2007

3 years.

Good times. Bad times. Ups and downs. There is no one I would rather have them all with.
Happy Anniversary babe!

September 4, 2007

let's hear it for hidden tracks!

Darryl - just got my cd in the mail - so far so good but a hidden track! Brilliant! I need info so I can load it up!
Did everyone else get theirs mailed out?

September 3, 2007

i'm bringing sexy back...yeah

them other mothers don't know how to act...yeah

Took Joaquin to see Justin Timberlake last night as a surprise anniversary gift. He was so excited. And we were not the oldest ones there! So happy to surprise someone - fun!

September 1, 2007

holy shit.

just hit 1000 lurkers!

go team!!!