April 30, 2008

cool happy things.

1. Neil Diamond on American Idol. Totally reminded me of my younger days when my dad would crank this album on Saturday morning. Loud.

2. Task management for the mac. If you are anything like me, you always have lists around.

3. this song - High School by Jeremy Fisher

4. Color Splash with David Bromstad because sometimes we are lucky enough to see him work shirtless.

5. If I had another kid, these are super cute.

April 29, 2008


Ellie turned 21 months on Sunday and I totally forgot to document anything.
So here goes...

"right there" as she is pointing to something
"mom, where you"
"i love you"
"thank you mom"
"bless you"
"i-ya did it"
"bella took it"
"i know"
"hum" as she puts her finger to her lips

These are just some of the things she has been saying lately. It cracks me up that she can almost talk in full sentences (short sentences that is) and that she usually knows what she is talking about. I know there are more, I just can't think of some more right now as usual...
Joaquin actually said the other day, when did this child become such a chatterbox? She is talking non stop!

Here she is driving a monster truck at Chuck E Cheese on Sunday for our friends birthday. To which she kept calling Chuck E Cheese - Mickey Mouse.

April 25, 2008

we're still here.

We're here. Just haven't felt much like blogging lately. Not that anything isn't happening around here, just tired of the whole blogging world for some reason. Perhaps I should get back out there...

I'll just give you a little update on today.
This morning Joaquin and I went took Ellie to see Elmo Grows Up. She had a blast and we took about 200 pictures in a matter of 90 minutes. She was dancing and singing and pretty much loving every minute of it. It was very cute to see it with her.

And this is for you mom - we were walking into the Cox Pavilion which is adjacent to the Thomas & Mack and Ellie saw that part of the building was painted a red/orange and said "Look, I-Ya did it"

Hope all is well with everyone and I may just join the blogging world again real soon...

April 16, 2008

fess up.

Which one of you out there is from San Juan Capistrano, or Parsippany, New Jersey? Not to put anyone on the spot (again) but who is it? I may just have to come out and visit!

April 15, 2008


I guess I didn't get the memo.
Who in the hell invited Mariah Carey to American Idol.
My night would have been ruined. Good thing I have Juno as a backup!

friendly reminder.

Go out and get it. Today!

April 14, 2008

ellie's test.


It is supposed to be 92 degrees today.
It is April 14th.
The end.

April 12, 2008

100% my child.

Me: Ellie, do you want to go to...
Ellie: Target?

April 11, 2008

first for everything.

Yesterday I was in the other room. This is what I came out to.
You might have to click the picture to make it bigger.
But, God bless magic erasers!

I had to take a picture and of course, she had to cover her eyes!

fair day

We headed out to Logandale, Nevada today to go to the Clark County fair. It is seriously about an hour away. All you SLC folks, have it easy.
Ellie loved it, she was very excited to see all the animals.
Before we went, the conversation went like this...
Me: Ellie, do you want to go see the pigs?
Ellie: OK
Me: And the cows?
Ellie: OK
Me: And the goats?
Ellie: OK, and lambs?
So away we went.
She learned how to make music.

She tried to ride a tricycle. Basically, Joaquin just had to push her around.

And, this was a proud mom moment. Joaquin had gone in with her to walk around with her while she went on the pony ride. She didn't want any of it. She wanted to do it all by herself. She was even giving us high fives as she went around. This was very cool considering just a few months ago she was freaking out about riding a carousel with me next to her.

I basically had to drag Joaquin to the fair since it is so far away, but he agreed it was a good time and good fair food so it might just have to be a yearly thing!

April 8, 2008


I am smokin in the money. I got second place in the NCAA tournament at work giving me $50 more bucks! Considering I had no idea what in the hell I was doing, I would say that's pretty good. I think it all has to do with the fact that I picked Siena in the first round. Totally lucked out on that one, but I got married at the golf course with the same name - how could I not pick it? Sadly though, all my winnings are gone - and not on shoes. It's called rental properties. Damn rental properties and the problems that come along with them.

Just watching American Idol while blogging and go David Cook for singing Our Lady Peace - another band I once met. Thanks Liz.
However, it just might get him kicked off...

Okay, we went private so only a select few of you can know read this and I know who you are so you all better comment at some point! And not to drop names or embarrass anyone, but Mary Neff - who knew?

April 7, 2008

weekend happiness.

I have lived in Las Vegas for about 13 years now on and off, and this weekend was my first time ever hitting a royal flush! It was so exciting, I wanted to take out my camera phone but didn't want to look like an idiot. So, I went with the flow that this happened to me all the time! Bad news, I was only playing nickels so it was only $200.00. However, I'm not one to be too greedy so I took it and didn't look back that I could have won more.

Joaquin and I went to Hachi this weekend at Red Rock. I know I used to rave about this place but now I just think it is over-rated. Not so good anymore. And, it sucks because it's just a hop, skip and jump away.

I got a few things done on my to do list this weekend. That is always nice to cross things off. And one of those things is to go private, but I left all the emails at work. So, expect for that to get crossed off later today.

Also, it's not confirmed yet, but I am thinking of going to SLC for the 4th of July, and bringing Ellie. Joaquin hasn't left anything in Utah so he won't be coming. I know it is still 3 months away, but that is how boring my life is right now that I can get excited about going to SLC.

And, last but not least (this is becoming my favorite part), my next five on the ipod.

1. Symbol In My Driveway - Jack Johnson
2. Bullet and a Target - Citizen Cope
3. Strange & Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You) - Aqualung
4. Cryin' - Chris Isaak
5. Dearly Beloved - Faith Hill

That was a bad 5. Since I was actually paying attention, I had to fast forward through most of those. I guess I should probably clean out music every now and then...

April 3, 2008

i got nothin'

I really have nothing to say today but thought I would post anyway.

Going over to the parents with the fellas for Dad's famous chili verde. Yum-o.

And, I had so much fun yesterday posting my next five on the ipod that I might just make it regular thing - lucky you!

1. What's Up - 4 Non Blondes
2. Today - Joshua Radin
3. All I Want Is You - Barry Louis Polisar
4. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine - The Killers
5. Amazing - Josh Kelley

Pretty good and again totally random five - makes you actually listen to the music when you are paying attention.
And thanks Todd for the new music - I'll have to check it out.

April 2, 2008

random blahs.

Oops, I forgot to thank my mother for making Ellie's easter dress. Thanks mom, it was and is darling.

While driving to work this morning with my sunroof open (yes, it is that nice) I was smelling bleach on the freeway. Major bleach. The first thing that popped in my head was that someone in the surrounding neighborhood was trying to really clean up a crime scene. Is that wierd?

I finished 2 scrapbook pages for my new "client" last night. Now I only have 48 more to go by May. Nice!

Sorry if I offend some of you but I am so, so sick of Colbie Caillat. If I hear her on the radio, it is an instant change. No matter what song. And I actually purchased her album about a year ago on itunes. I'm never going to get that $10 bucks back.
Does anyone have any new good artists for me? I'm always on the lookout...

And on that note, the next 5 songs on shuffle on the ole ipod are:
1. One-U2
2. Always-Bon Jovi
3. Good Times Gonna Come-Aqualung
4. All That I Want-The Weepies
5. For Nancy-Pete Yorn

How's that for random?

April 1, 2008

it's april. fool.

Where did March go?

Last post was about going private. It will still happen, most likely later than sooner. I have everyone's emails from the comments and emails you have sent me so you will be covered. If anyone else wants in, let me know. Sometimes I just feel like I have to vent about things without some people reading it (none of you by the way who commented) but then I get over myself. We'll see if it happens again in the near future.

So, between then and now, Ellie turned 20 months on Thursday.

So, again, a little update. Mainly for me but feel free to read along. She counted up to 15 the other day without the help of Sesame Street. I asked her what an iguana was and she told me. I seriously have no idea where she learned that one. She is getting to be very shy around people her height. Adults, she can be okay around, but, put a kid in the mixture and she will run the other way. She has started liking orange juice and she loves Cafe Rio quesadillas. She also loves the cookies I make. She is also starting to help put her toys away and she takes things to the garbage. She still loves Sesame Street but has now taken to Winnie the Pooh as well. She did watch the Jungle Book and The Bee Movie the other day and liked them both. However, she is also starting to hit. Time out is going to be full force in our household! And, honestly, I have no idea what the hell I am doing in the timeout dept - I'm old. They didn't have that when I was kid. I just got grounded for life. (Remember that mom and dad - of course you don't).
Anyway, despite all of this, she is still my ellie belly and my pretty girl. Love you.

We also had Easter brunch over at the parents last Sunday. Ellie had herself a miniature egg hunt. Had no idea what was going on. Hoping next year, she "gets it".

This is usually the kind of picture I have been getting lately when I pull out the camera. Isn't this stage starting a little early?

And, here she is playing with a real live easter bunny. Thanks to my parents neighbors for supplying the fun.

We also had some out of towners come visit us this past weekend. My 2 aunts and 2 cousins came to visit us from Utah. All they wanted to do was shop. And shop. And shop. And, that they did. I still hadn't charged my camera since Barry Manilow so I didn't take one picture. But, I'm sure if you go here or here they might have some pictures for you at some point. It was a fun weekend and you guys will have to come down again. Glad you made it back home safe after your snow storm. Sucks going into that after a lovely weekend - doesn't it?

And then next we move on to this weekend where Andy and Daren will be coming down to golf. I so wish they didn't already have 4 players, I would love to drive the cart. It's the best part of golf!

Did anyone catch Dancing With The Stars last night? Was it just me or was that Count Von Count singing Roxanne? Of course, without all of the ha,ha,ha's.

I should scoot, but I hope you all did some sort of April Fool - I'm not creative like that so nothing happened around these parts. Maybe you should all give me ideas for something to do next year.

Oh, and lastly, thank you all for your ideas on the 40th birthday trip coming up. I have one in mind, Joaquin just needs to renew his passport!