December 13, 2008

feeling better.

Today I tackled Christmas shopping. I got so much done in a matter of 5 hours and most of it at Costco. You've got to love one stop shopping. You've got to hate the traffic. I swear, in this town, if someone isn't honking their horn, something isn't right. This isn't New York City people!
I was listening to the radio today and seriously getting sick to my stomach. Ellie has seriously worn me out with this Christmas music. I can't even listen to normal good music anymore. I have lost a taste for it. I hope I can get over this soon. I can't get addicted to talk radio again!

And, don't forgive about the GIVEAWAY in the previous post!

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Chelsie said...

i'm loving ellie's rocker child outfit, so cute!! easy recipe? bbq chicken can get famous daves bbq sauce at wal mart...we get the blue kind...put it in the crock pot with some chicken...shred it after it's cooked on high for like 4 hours...then let it sit in the juices for about another hour on low