December 3, 2008

somebody stop me.

I have the shopping bug bad. And it's the craft shopping bug. I don't craft. I scrapbook. Which I guess is a craft but it pretty much ends with anything that isn't paper related.

However, that hasn't stopped me from wanting to do things or buy things. I think I heard the word recession for real and thought well, I'll fix that. Oh, but with what?

I thought about making a quilt and found out I am/was in way over my head. Never done one before, but I did buy myself a sewing machine on Black Friday that is sitting under the tree. That's got to be a start right?

I bought three embroidery patterns from here. I would put a link as to which ones but it likes they are all sold. So it might make me feel better to know I'm not the only one out there buying embroidery patterns. Oh, did I mention that I have never embroidered either? Again, didn't stop me.

And tonight, what am I doing? Going shopping (of course). But I have a shitload of gift cards that need to get used before these companies go out of business. I love me some gift cards but apparently I just hoard them until the last minute.

Oh, and I have to get a new "wrist ring", I have no idea what to call it. Somehow mine came unscrewed and I lost it somewhere. And now I just look at my wrist and I feel like I want to squeeze the life out of this huge looking blackhead that is staring back at me. Oh wait, it's not a blackhead...

Thanks for letting me ramble.


jessica said...

TMI...thats really gross

Chelsie said...

haha, that made me laugh, i love it. i would want to do the same thing to my wrist. your homemade holiday decor is SO cute. i love it.

Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

I am glad you have a spending problem too. Misery loves company. I swear I just keep buying more and more....homemade crafty stuff is way more then buying it already done i have figured out.

Bags said...

I keep buying clothes! Everything is on sale! I buy one for someone else and then one for me. The song you sang in your High School Choir Christmas thing is on the radio right now...Funny. Oh and that is really gross about your arm!