December 19, 2008


So, I am at my local drive thru yesterday picking up some lunch and this is the conversation with the guy at the window...

Mr Drive-thru: Gee, it's getting pretty cold out here.
Me: Not like yesterday.
Mr Drive-thru: Oh yes, I'm a junior in high school and yesterday we had a field trip on the strip and you couldn't see anything. Not even the hotels. The sky was just grey.
Me: (being the scrapbooker) Did you get any good pictures?
Mr Drive-thru: Oh yes, we took tons. And you know kids these days, we always have to put stuff on myspace.
Me: Oh yes, kids these days.
Mr Drive-thru: Yes, just download then upload. Have a good day!

Now, normally I wouldn't be bothered. However, I think it was the way he said you know kids these days. Meaning, look at this old lady I'm talking to and in no way does she have a myspace. Well, you are right Mr Drive-thru, I don't. But it isn't because I'm only 20 years older than you. So there.

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