December 4, 2008

are you all sick of the craftiness yet?

Yeah, I didn't think so - ha.
However, in case you haven't noticed yet, I am trying to post daily in December. So far so good.
Back to business.

I found this and might need to make it next year when I can't keep telling Ellie that Christmas is only a few days away. Every day.

You can get the tutorial here.

And this. Simple, yet retro, I only wish I could find some cool pink felt. May have to go with the traditional red.

Make it yours. But as a side note, this would totally go with your decor, Jessica.

Then there is the idea of making picture ornaments of your family every year. I think I'm going to do this but just have Ellie and Santa. I have one of those from the last 3 years. And she can put them on her own tree. Everybody on three - cute.

Look at these. I can make these sometime too. How hard can these be? Remember, I just bought myself a sewing machine at 5:00 am on Friday morning. I should probably use it sometime.

Make yours here.

And, let's be real. This is never going to happen, but oh so clever. And I know my mom has or did at one point have tons of ric rac.

Have I inspired ANYONE?
You're more than welcome!


Bags said...

You bought a sewing machine? I think you can find pink felt! Try the place called the fabric store.

Tausha said...

I love ric rac! I wish that my mother had a never ending surplus supply of this. think of the possibilites! As for pink felt-go to michaels and pick up some pink felt squares. they are like 79 cents and then you don't have a crap load of unused pink felt. Although, that could be a good sincenario.
House Guests tonight-eh? I am super jealous and super excited to hear what she won on Ellen! Sure wisht that I would have been invited. Just so I could come to vegas!!
ps-I need you address. I know that I have gotten in from you before, but I lost it and need it again!
Thanks. Can't wait to see what other fun things you post. How about some of your OWN creations. Just a thought. Totally no pressure.

jessica said...

Thanks for all the ideas Martha

The "K" in JKD said...

I never knew you were so crafty...where have I been?