February 28, 2007

business opportunity...

So, we have decided to let this news out of the bag (so to speak).

Some of you may know that Emilee and I have been trying to open a business for the last few months. Well, everything was going good until we got a huge blow last week that this company has now up'd the franchise fee. Meaning, we can't do it ourselves. Which is where everyone else comes in. We need another investor. Anyone interested or know of anyone interested? We are completely serious here. No gimmicks!

The business you ask? NOTHING BUNDT CAKES. (click there for the website)
Those living in Vegas should know of them, and everyone else, if you are unfamiliar and are serious in our business venture, I will gladly ship you out a cake. They are divine!

So, any interested parties? You can comment here and we will give you all the details as we have them. Also, this business would be in Utah if that helps.

Thanks for reading. This could change your life!
Lori & Emilee

February 27, 2007

seven and beyond.

Can you believe it, our little girl is seven months old today. So hard to believe. We almost have a one year old! Where has all the time gone???
So, just so I remember, this is what is happening...
She worm crawls.
She has slept through the night for weeks (I'm almost scared to write this as I'll jinx it).
She still has no teeth.
She gives hugs.
She reaches out to you.
She LOVES to take baths.
She has been quite cranky the last few days and needs lots of attention - hopefully she will snap out of that!
And of course, we love her more every day!

In other news...
Salt Lake was alot of fun, and good to see everyone again. Ellie enjoyed meeting all of you and can't wait to see you when you come visit us!
And, yes, all that snow is what we woke up to on Friday. To quote Joaquin, "Ellie doesn't like snow, she likes tropical weather." I say, can't we just all get along and like both??

The Pete Yorn concert was fantastic and I did get introduced to Aqualung so that was good. However, I did realize that I am way to old to go to concerts and stand on my feet. I never thought I would say that but I guess age has caught up with me!

And, I finally figured out how to add videos - cool! However, I have no idea why the font changed. Oh well.

One more thing. Since I am sitting here watching American Idol while I'm writing this, I just have to put this out there. I DO think that Paula Abdul has been drunk in her life. In fact, I think she is drunk everyday this shows airs. What a freak! Just my opinion though...

February 19, 2007


Ms Ellie said Momma, no kidding! Joaquin was there and witnessed the whole thing. It wasn't ba ba ba ba ba like usual! Who knows if it is going to happen again anytime soon but the point is, she did say it.
And this would be one reason why the blog exists, to record big moments like that one!

Is Lindsi's birthday - I hope you are having a good day, and having fun in Cabo!

I had the day off, thanks to all the great presidents of this fine country. So, I actually got to watch Oprah live, so to speak. As opposed to next week when I finally get around to watching tivo.

I so called did a clean sweep on my closet. I love organizing! And on that note, I have decided that I need to organize one room a month. So, today it was the closet. Next month - who knows, the possibilities are endless!

I did three loads of laundry - go me!

I washed my car. Fantastic! Totally needed it. They even took out the paint from when I hit Joaquin's car.
It rained!

Was this...

The Joshua Radin concert. Fantastic! It was at a small bar in the art district with 2 booths (and we were lucky enough to get one) with a Goodwill couch and an old stripper pole base on the dance floor.
It was kamakize shots and malibu and cokes all night! Could it get any better? And we accousted him after the show for a picture. Schuyler Fisk was sick so she didn't partake in the evening but because of it, she was giving out free cd's - gotta love that!

Have a good week!

February 15, 2007

the way i see it #205

The Way I See It #205

Many people search blindly for the "meaning of life." What they don't seem to understand is that life does not have meaning through mere existence or acquisition or fun. The meaning of life is inherent in the connections we make to others through honor and obligation.


Brought to you by my Starbucks cup that my good husband brought me this morning as a surprise.

Have a good day!

February 14, 2007


Happy Valentine's Day. Or, Happy Wednesday if you prefer.

So, Joaquin came thru with the flowers today - only because Hallmark or in Liz's case, American Greetings said too. Small, simple, cute bouquet of flowers. If he would have gone any bigger, I would have had to say something once I got the bill. You spent what on flowers?!?
Anyway, what's the point? He's not out to impress me anymore.

But, Joaquin if you are reading this, I think it's good to get a small, simple, cute bouquet of flowers anytime. Not just on Valentine's Day. It would be fun to throw Hallmark/American Greetings for a loop by just doing things on any given day!
With that said, thanks babe - you did good. I love you.

On another note, did I mention that aside from my aching butt, my shoulders hurt real bad! (again, best if done in your Napoleon Dynamite voice) Wierd. Must be from bending over on the bike? Do you think Lance Armstrong has this problem?

Just got word from Liz that we are a go for the 24th. Can't wait to see all you folk and Ellie is thrilled to meet each and every one of you! Here's hoping it's warm!


February 13, 2007

so many things.

Oh, where to begin...
Ellie had her 6 month check up today, yes we are a little late on that one. Anyway, she passed. She's up to 16.9 lbs and 27 inches! Tall little bugger! And this is how she entertains herself waiting for the doc.

My dad said the other day, "How is it that every time I see her, she gets cuter?" Beats me, but I have to agree.
And this is the latest...
Hellooo, I'm not ready for this to start happening. Any day now, she is just going to take off!

Well, I actually survived spinning. I guess I should say, I was ready to quit after the first 10 minutes but stuck it out and my butt hurts like hell! I even had a so called gel pad, I don't think it did much. I'm thinking of trying it out again this week but this time attaching maxi pads to the insides of my butt cheeks - it should help, don't ya think? And think how attractive!

It's the final countdown. Na na na na, Na na na na na, Na na na na, Na na na na na - of course this sounds best if sung in your best Europe voice. Anyway, only days left until I get to see Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk in concert - seriously, can't wait. Girls night out and malibu rum. Seriously!

I guess I should mention Happy Valentines Day to everyone. I will be going out with my valentine and a couple friends. Yeah, another date night. And to those of you who don't have a valentine, don't fret - I say order a pizza and drink a bottle of wine.
And, look what Joaquin is getting - can you dig it?

Oh, and one more thing...If anyone knows of anyone who wants to buy a house in Vegas, Joaquin is done with his flip!

February 11, 2007

happy day.

Just wanted to give a happy birthday wish to my good buddy David (aka biggie smalls) -
Hope you have a wonderful day!
I can't believe this picture was taken 10 years ago! I remember it like it was yesterday! (sorry for the bad picture, still trying to figure out this computer)

In other news, I'm going to my first spinning class tonight - I hope I can walk on Tuesday!

And, one more thing, congratulations to the Chicks for sweeping the Grammy's last night! LOVE that song!

Any who...

February 9, 2007

for your eyes only.


Please note that I would join you for a Police reunion show if you would join me for this.

anyone else want to come along for the ride?

February 8, 2007


Thank you for all the responses about Mexico, I'll let you know what we decide because I'm sure you are all dying to find out!

In other news, here is evidence -

no more Christmas lights! Thanks Joaquin and congratulations for not falling off the ladder (at least not this day).
The letter went out to the home owners association today. Let's see if they write back - so much to look forward to!

Also, my mom is into scrapbooking hard core!

She calls me to see if she can come over to "my store" and get stuff. Good thing she babysits for free because this so called store would be going under by giving everything away!

I believe that is everything, and if you need a new song for the weekend, try this one "Paperweight" by Schuyler Fisk and Joshua Radin. Liz is probably rolling her eyes wondering why I'm the one giving out music advice...

And, for all of you who made it down this far on this exciting post, you deserve a reward.

Here's a picture of one of the cutest girls on the planet - aren't we lucky?!?!

Have a super weekend!

February 6, 2007


Question for all you blog readers out there...

Would you or wouldn't you take a 10 month old to Mexico for a week?
Any releated experience out there?

Please comment, that includes all you silent blog readers!
Your answers will be very helpful!


February 4, 2007


Okay, so they lost. Not that I really pay that much attention to pro football anymore. I mean what is the point? Is there ever going to be another punky QB? I don't think so!

And for all of you who could care less about #9 (and I don't know why you would), here is Ellie at her first Super Bowl party!

Have a great week!


In honor of the greatest man to have ever played the game...


February 3, 2007

shout out.

Happy Birthday Jen!

Have a good one!

All of us.

February 1, 2007