January 13, 2009

as if you didn't already want to buy a coffee

or a delicious rice krispy treat for that matter.
Now you have an excuse to get your butt over to Starbucks!


Bags said...

Oh my goodness, what a treat! I probably already have it though.

Tausha said...

Just a little heads up. We are heading up to the hospital in the next few minutes. Shawni is Finally going to go and have a baby! SHe has been in labor since yesterday-good thing she is much much tuffer that her sister! Do you like how I spell Tuffer-much more fun that the way it's supposed to be spelled. So-Watch the blog in the next couple of days-I will update with pics of the new neice with a favorite aunt Tausha! :)
ISn't your mom here? IF she is have her call Marci