January 10, 2009


So, do you ever have one of those awkward moments?
In one of those awkward moments, I really mean any awkward moment really.
Well, I had one today.
I called my friend Liz to wish her a Happy Birthday, when she informs me that her mom died a few days before Christmas. I was floored, shocked, and obviously had no idea.
While I was calling to wish her a Happy Birthday, all I could say was I'm sorry.
So, obviously, I should probably check in with my friends more often.
Who knows what they have to tell you.
With that, I challenge you - call, email, write a letter - whatever, just get in contact with that person who you haven't talked to in a while.
You don't know what they have to tell you until you talk to them!


Todd said...

Lori - I went to the funeral and it was very nice. Liz did a great job reading the obituary and Jonny did a great job in his talk.

jessica said...

You couldnt have known. Plus thats what your friends in utah are for! And maybe liz needs to have a blog, then you'd know what was happening.