January 26, 2009


To facebook or not to facebook?
That is the question...

I have had a few people tell me I should join, but I have no idea what the flip it really is or how it works. Plus the fact that I feel like I'm too old to do it.
Anyway, is it basically like myspace, where you just have conversations with people so I could still do the blog? And keep in mind, I am not the kind of person who goes out and says please be my friend and thanks for the add (like myspace) so if it's like that, I don't think I want in.

Anyway, just inquiring, anything anybody can answer would be great.
And, another thing, is it going to be so addicting that I won't be able to get anything else done including this blog?

edited: just found this blog post, and yes it answered many questions. But I still need to hear from you people...

edited again: I took the plunge. I signed up. Let's see how this goes.


Bags said...

Just do it and see for yourself! I only look at it when I have people send me something or if I'm bored I look at it on my phone.

Erica said...

Very addicting and you are never too old. My mom, dad and step dad are all active facebookers. Although my mom was friends with Jess before me!

Lindsi said...

It's pretty funny. If I can handle it, anyone can do it!

Tausha said...

You are much better than I! I wont join. Kal has a page-all of my old college roommates "friended" him and tell him that I need to get one. He tells them I am too cool for My space. I just can't have one more thing that I am addicted to. Heck, my house already looks like crap anyway!!!
It is fun to find all kinds of people that you lost touch with, or is it really? Didn't we lose touch with them for a reason? I know, I am such a brat!