June 30, 2008

here we come. again.

Ellie and I are heading out to SLC again for the 4th of July weekend. This time however, Joaquin won't be joining us. I told you, he only comes about every 10 years.

Anyway, we will be around Salt Lake and Park City. And I am already getting sick to my stomach thinking about all the people I might run into at the Evergreen parade.

June 28, 2008

so I don't forget.

tonight -

Ellie went potty HERE!

She was eating popcorn and said "This is delicious"

She grabbed the Shrek video and said "Watch Shrek, and Donkey, and Princess Fiona"

She took a package of wrapping paper and said "baseball" and proceeded to swing it like a bat.

She kept counting to 12 over and over.

June 27, 2008

23 months

Just a few little tidbits of little Ellie before the big 2 years!

Her favorite saying "what happened?"
She loves Shrek (as seen in the picture)

She can climb in and out of her high chair and freaks out if you try to help her. Love the independent stage!
She LOVES to swim.

She has slept for one consecutive week in her own bed!
Whenever she sees the camera, she says cheese but hardly ever looks at me (like this picture)

The potty thing didn't really take - she really only does it at yaya's house.
She loves to act like she is playing the wii whenever we are. I'll have to try and get a video of that - hilarious.
She actually talked to me on the phone yesterday. She said she was swimming at yaya's house and having fun and that she loved me. Usually, she is scared of talking to people on the phone, I think she is wondering where the hell they are.

She sings The Wonder Pets theme song all the time. Doesn't matter if it's on tv or not.
When she doesn't talk to someone or covers her eyes, she says she is being shy.
If you ask her what she wants for dinner, she will say guava. Unfortunately, it is the baby food variety.
She never says yes. Always yep or ok.
She's got Joaquin's skin. So basically, I'm going to be the white one always!
And, she is going to see the dolphins at the Mirage tomorrow!

June 24, 2008

in search of...

Some good easy summer recipes.
Preferably something that doesn't require me turning on my oven or stove.
Because I don't know if I have mentioned this or not but
it is HOTTER THAN HELL here.

June 23, 2008


Yesterday, I decide it's about time to start diving into my to do list that has been around for months. So, I list some things on craigslist to cross that off.
I list this.

Little did I know, I would get three emails from three different buyers in a matter of minutes.
What, are people just searching popcorn makers to see what pops up every second?
Anyway, I get an email from Dave. Seems normal enough. Says he has cash, he lives in the area, he can hop in his car right now to come pick it up. I email him back to say we are leaving in 30 minutes so come now. Joaquin then calls him with directions. That is when I should have been warned.
They were on the phone for about 10 minutes just giving directions. I thought he lived in the area???
Wait 45 minutes, no Dave.
We leave for the pool. I have my phone with me and in the hour that we were at the pool, I had gotten 10 emails.
Here is just an example...
Meanwhile, I told Joaquin, I'm just going to sell it someone else who inquired and tell this guy he is really creeping me out. After all, he can't find my house. He has no idea where I really live!
So, we go eat at the parents house and then I get this email...
Hi....its now 10 minutes to 7 and i'm going to try to drive there again....This time i went to google map to get directions...I think there was a mix up....it said take exit 23 "To" get to Town Center Dr...and i was thinking there was a town center exit in summerlin somewhere and thats where i got all confused because i dint see that exit , then i started to ask people all over the place for directions and where those streets were....Anyway i'm so sorry i got lost but now im goingto get in my car and try this again...PLEASE PLEASE LET ME BUY THE POPCORN MACHINE PLEASE.....I GOT LOST BEFORE SO PLEASE GIVE ME THE CHANCE TO BUY THIS....PLEASE......I 'm leaving now its just almost 7 pm now and i pray you will be there.....PLEASE PLEASE LET ME BUY THIS POPCORN MACHINE!!!!!!!!! I Dont have a cell phone so i cant call you...if your not home when i get there i will wait for awhile and then i guess i can only leave you a note on the door....PLEASE PLEASE Sell this to me please!!!!....i'm so sorry i got lost before....I feel stupid now and extrea,y upset and worried that your going to sell it to someone else....PLEASE GIVE ME THE CHANCE TO GET IT...I went to google maps and i now know why i got lost i think....the other problem is i couldnt call you because your number came up privaye on my phone and i didn't have any number to call you when i was lost before....PLEASE PLEASE LET ME BUY THISD POPCORN MACHINE!!!!!!!....I'M going to drive there again now and i hope and pray that you will be home......i have the cash....PLEASE SELL IT TO ME PLEASE! ...I GOT LOST BEFORE AND THIS TIME WHEN I DRIVE THERE AGAIN I WILL NOT GET LOST..I looked VERY Carefully at the google directions and i know now what to do...So now its 7 20 pm as i finish this email and i hope to see you there....
So, now he really has directions. We are screwed.
We come home about 9:30 and who comes in the driveway right after us? Duh. I think he was hiding around the corner just waiting.
I text Jessica.
Me - Guess who is here?
Jessica - Psycho! Don't let him in the house.
Me - Too late.
Jessica - You're f*****d.
Me - Thanks.
He finally buys the machine after asking tons of questions and tells us he is a movie editor. I'm guessing porn - had that freak look about him.
Then the conversation went like this...
Dave - why are you getting rid of this?
Joaquin - oh, we are just changing things around.
Dave - oh, so are you selling anything else?
Joaquin - (before Dave even finished the question) - NO!
And then I watched out the blinds to make sure he didn't kill my husband while he carried it out to the car for him.

And if you have read this far, I'm sorry. There is probably a lot of useless info in there but I just had to get it out. I have three other things listed. Let's hope everything else goes okay!

June 22, 2008


3 - the number of continuous nights that Ellie has slept in her big girl bed.

2 - the number of songs that we stayed for at the Crosby, Stills and Nash concert this weekend (luckily it was free).

12 - the amount of dollars spent on a Malibu and Coke at the concert (totally ridiculous, but thanks dad none the less).

2 - the number of videos watched this weekend - Goya's Ghosts and Good Luck Chuck.

15 - the number of emails from Dave, my craigslist stalker, in a 5 hour time span. Might have to have a post just about that.

7 - the amount of scrapbook pages done in one day.

102 - the temperature right now as I type this. It's 11pm.

3 - the number of new readers I have on the blog. Jan and Jen, thanks for the comments - Stephanie, are you just lurking???

June 18, 2008

want in?

Anybody? Anybody? Anybody want to go
to this with me?

she did it.

After watching Elmo's potty time video on the way back from SLC, she did it. Ellie went potty in her own toilet yesterday. She did it at my moms house, and LeeAnn was kind of enough to save the evidence and flush it after I got there. What a lady!
Anyway, after watching the video, Ellie kept saying no diapers anymore and not a baby anymore. However, she has yet to do it again. I guess I better go out and buy a mini toilet!

June 16, 2008

music got to have.

Priscilla Ahn finally has a full length cd out. Get it. You won't be sorry! Or if you want a free listen, she is the free Starbucks artist of the week.

weekend sum up

We are back. Made it home Saturday night.
We headed to SLC on Thursday afternoon. Did I mention Joaquin doesn't do Utah? The whole way up, Joaquin kept saying this is really pretty up here and he kept taking pictures to show his mom. I think the last time we were there, we were either driving in the dark or it was winter.
Anyway, Friday morning we take Ellie to Hogle Zoo. She loved it. So did Joaquin. He was very impressed in my planning skills.

Then we head over to the U of U bookstore for a quick run in for a t shirt and then off to the can't go to SLC without eating Noodles & Co. A quick get ready session and we are off to dinner for the first day of the reunion.
The reunion was a good time and it was good to see everyone again. Again, Joaquin even had fun with everyone and even said he would do it again. This was very big for him! And little Ellie got in on the bingo action.

McKellar's did an excellent job at planning the event.
After the reunion festivities, we headed over to Hogswollow for some drinks. No Malibu rum. WTF?
Next morning I had planned on going to the farmers market since it was opening that day but things just didn't work out. Too bad, I think Joaquin would have been impressed with the planning again!
Headed over to Melaney's again for some lunch and more games and then we headed out back to Vegas. We had to leave in a hurry and didn't really get to say goodbye to everyone as my child decided to let the neighborhood know she was there with all her screaming. That was fun. Didn't even make a stop at IKEA.

Got home and had to get ready for the next day - Joaquin's mothers birthday party.
Now, if I had written this post yesterday, it would have been a huge bloody vent. But, lucky readers, it's a new day and I have since recovered. Thank you Starbucks.
That is all I am going to say about that.

And I am feeling the need to do something productive every day. Does emptying the dishwasher count?

June 12, 2008

this is such a good day!

Toad the Wet Sprocket
On Sale Fri, 06/13/08 10:00am

Toad the Wet Sprocket
House of Blues Las Vegas, Las Vegas
Sun, 08/31/08 8:00pm
Find Tickets | Get a text message reminder

Just got this message in my email from ticketmaster. I am one happy girl!

June 11, 2008


This time tomorrow we should hopefully be snug in bed at the Marriott. In Salt Lake City. Getting in for the Bagley family reunion. And I will have to take Joaquin's picture at some spots you might recognize (that is if we can get out) to prove that he does come to Utah every 10 years or so.

Have a good weekend!

June 4, 2008


I am on the lookout for letter e's. You know the big kind that you would put on a wall or a shelf...
I want to put them in Ellie's room when I get around to redoing it.
I need to start surfing antique stores. But I just thought I would put this out there, if anyone ever sees one - buy it! I promise I will pay you for it!

June 3, 2008


just a little note to say thank you to all of you for the birthday comments and emails.
much appreciated.


have you noticed my twitter on the side bar? I'm thinking you should all join. It's very fun and you can only use 140 characters per update. could be difficult for some!


Sarah, if you are reading this - I don't know you from Adam but your package was sent out today, hope you like it!

conversation #2

Me: Ah, you're my little peanut.
Ellie: No, Ellie.
Me: No, you're my little peanut.
Ellie: No, Ellie.
Me: Okay, are you my little peanut Ellie?
Ellie: Yep.

June 2, 2008

happy birthday

did I mention it was my birthday today?
not sure if I did!!
details to come...