April 28, 2009


Still no pictures, however, here are just a couple of things Ellie said last week that I don't want to forget. Hope you enjoy them also.

She was talking to herself one day, saying "Look at that dog" and "What a cute dog". When I asked her if she was talking to her imaginary friend, she said "No, Barack Obama"

A commercial came on tv the other day for Glad bags where the mom is stuffing it full and the kid takes it down the hall, basically showing you how strong the bag is. Anyway, Ellie says "Oh, that will be cool for my brother to take out the garbage"


jessica said...

She's so cute! I told that to some people this week and this guy has a 4 yr old who stays at his in laws a couple days a week and they dont like Obama. So Obama was on tv, like he always is, and the 4 yr old said "Dad, turn this off. Its worthless"

Tausha said...

I have to agree with Jess. She is darling and quite funny! You are very smart to record them to remember them.
When 9 was little-she was driving me crazy~~ I said to her-
My patience for you has gone out the window-she promptly said that she would go and get it for me.

Chelsie said...

i love the ellieisms, and that she remembers things from commercials, oh she makes me laugh. and congrats on a boy!!! yeah!!! i'm so excited for you guys, and that you will have someone to take out the garbage, how convenient :-)