June 7, 2009

ellieisms part deux

1. Ellie told me that I can't have her baby brother yet because I didn't have a hole to get him out.  She told me that we had to find a hole but that we could do that later.

Need less to say, I left it at that.

2. Jessica is buying a new house, we were over there looking at the construction and met one of her neighbors who we found out had cats. My mom asked Ellie what kid of animals she had, thinking she would say dogs. Instead Ellie said, I-ya (my mom) has rabbits up the ying yang. 

3. She knows the words to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville and we are now working on Fins. She also knows the words to James Taylor Mexico. Seriously, these are proud mom moments!
Ellie will even request to hear them in the car.


Chelsie said...

oh my heavens ellieisms are my favorite posts, she is just so dang cute!!! i heart her little personality! good look in the search for a big enough hole...oh i'm in tears

Bags said...

Can't wait to hear it in person!

jessica said...

It sounds like she got singing voice from me. She also looks so much cuter in real life than in that video.