April 7, 2009

update. update. who wants an update?

Still no pictures, I know I suck. Bad.
Blame it on the neighbors who took away my internet.
I just have to write down some things Little Ms Ellie has been saying lately...

1. While shopping the other day, she had a fit about sitting in the cart so I let her out - it was that or listening to her cry the whole time and having everyone look at me. So, I always needed her to be by me. When she would wonder off to look at something, I would have to tell her to come back. After about 20 times doing this, she says, "Mom, you are driving me crazy!"

2. This kid watches way to much tv. She can recite commercials without them being on. Should I be worried that she can call the attorney Glen Lerner but she doesn't know our phone numbers? Or that she knows that "those aren't antiques, those are rollover minutes"

3. When we came home from the ultrasound, we told her that she was going to have a little brother. She ran up to me with a hug and said "Thank you Mom". Joaquin took a picture of it but you know, I can't post those.

4. I bought her a cd the other day of Mickey Mouse where they include your name in the songs. She listens to it every day. She thinks it is the coolest thing that they are talking to her. I hope she's not disappointed when we go to Disneyland next month and they have no idea who she is!

5. I took her to her first movie last week - Monsters Vs Aliens. She loved it. She kept saying "Sorry Mom, he's just a hugger." Again, from the commercials that she sees on tv.

6. My dad has taught her to use the term tasty viddles as in good food. He says it is an old western term but we have never heard of it. Anyway, again watching tv, the Reese's egg commercial came on - and she said "Oh Mom, those are delicious. You know what I call those - tasty viddles." I had to call the parents right away, they thought it was hilarious.

7. When we ask Ellie what we should name her brother, she says Willis. Because for a while we would all say to her "What are you talking about Willis?" (I don't want to hear any youngins saying they don't know what I'm talking about)

8. I have a mixed cd in the car, and whenever I need a good laugh I will turn it on some songs for Ellie to sing and dance to. She loves Beyonce "All The Single Ladies" and it is so matter of fact when she puts her hands up, I have tried to get it on video but she doesn't cooperate. She also sings along to Pink "So What" and Katy Perry "Hot N Cold"

9. We are trying to teach her the days of the week and the holidays. So she freaks out when she still sees Christmas lights up (they are on restaurants and stuff or I would be freaking out also), anyway, she will sigh and say Christmas is over. When I ask her what comes after Easter, she says Mothers day. Then I ask what we do for Mothers day and she says buy you stuff - she is catching on!

10. Seeing as how I am having a boy this time around, and this had better be the last kid, I was going through all of her old clothes to take to kid to kid consignment. Anyway, I came across a cute pair of shorts that were 6-12 months that she hardly got to wear. So, just for kicks I tried them on her and wouldn't you know - they fit. Seriously, she is going to be 3 in July.

11. She has loved looking through the scrapbooks of her lately, "Oh Mom, look how little I was" or "That is when I was in your tummy, just like my brother" You would think that after looking at the books, it would motivate me to actually start scrapbooking again. Maybe one day.


Tausha said...

yea-you are lame-I can't believe you took so long to update! You think that you have a life and are busy or something.
Tell Elle that my dad finally took the wreath down. YEs-he made it in before easter.
Graci told me that she wanted some GUSHY shoes.
I just looked at her blankly. She started to get really mad at me. You know mom-the ones with holes in them-they are gushy.
jellie or how ever you spell it.
Yep-I am feeling old that I am buying my kids jellie shoes. I remember when I was little-Grandma tood me to Skaggs or maybe it was Osco Drug-and got me some Jellies!
Yes-I can remember the sweaty, indented feet now!
I know that this is so random-I am tired-give me a break!

Bags said...

You know some parks have WI-FI and I know starbucks does...go get a latte and update your blog! I want some pictures! Does Ellie want a "tasty viddle" for easter?

jessica said...

They have free wi-fi at whole foods too. And Nora's.

I am a little worried about her tv consumption. Its frightening that she knows that phone number,.

Lindsi said...

Joe and Annie got us snuggies for Christmas (for a joke). My kids all started repeating the commercial word for word. By the way, my kids love the snuggie and they fight over it all the time!