August 24, 2008

and now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Wow, you have a lot to write about when you haven't had a regular blog post in a while.
Here goes...

We celebrated Joaquin's 40th birthday. If you have been reading along, you may have noticed that this has been very stressful as I have learned that Cuban's can't keep secrets. Well, they did keep the birthday a secret but not everyone showed up and no one but my family and a friend were on time. So basically, we surprised them when they came in. I guess another thing I learned is they don't know the meaning of SURPRISE party. Oh well, the food was good and I have a ton of cake left over.

We ended up just staying at Red Rock for a couple nights. It was a good little getaway and I got fried. Again. Good thing I didn't have Sarah Wright to answer to after that. But, my cute little kid looks like a Coppertone baby.

My mom, Jessica and I ventured out to Boulder City, Nevada this week to go antique shopping. Not really sure what prompted that but I ended up with a couple of books for Ellie and a really cool Walt Disney Song Book circa 1979. I don't even play an instrument. It was just that cool that I had to have it!

Ellie and I will be in Newport Beach in 2 weeks (Joaquin will be coming in later) and I'm about ready to pee my pants with anticipation. Pretty sad that I am getting this worked up over California when I used to go there all the time. I guess that is what happens when the only vacations you take in a year are to Utah.

In addition, I will be at the Toad the Wet Sprocket concert next Sunday and I can't wait. They are in my opinion, the best band EVER. Nevermind that they broke up and didn't take me into consideration. Oh well, reunion shows are always good too.

-Me and Toad and a few others 1997

And, aren't these so cool. Taken from Martha Stewart's website. Something you should have if you live in Vegas.

Did I mention I hit Joaquin's car again. Yep, I backed into the drivers side door that was open. Yep, I need a new bumper. Yep, his car door is out of alignment. Yep, my life sucks.

And, just a reminder that the modbe swimsuits are going fast. Get them before they are g.o.n.e. Of course, if you get anything, it would help if you have me as your consultant. #1928. I'm waiting for the new catalogs to come out and then look out - you are all getting one in the mail! Well, at least some of you. If you want one though, send me an email with your address.

I don't know, is that enough said???

August 18, 2008

happy birthday babe

40 years old.
And you don't look a day over 39!!!

August 13, 2008

you guys are so good to me, i need your help again!

We are giving a bridal shower for a friend of ours next month. She is from Vegas and is getting married here but lives in South Carolina.
I'm wondering if you would think it was tacky to do a gift card shower, seeing as how she can only have 50 lb bags anymore on a flight!
Any thoughts or any other ideas on what to do?

it's right around the corner.

Christmas that is.

and you can blame my cousin for bringing it to my attention.

Anyway, seeing as money is tight in the Ceballos household, I have decided to make gifts. Sorry for you family members who are finding out this way. But I am need of some ideas. Anybody crafty out there have anything for me or do any family members have any requests?

August 12, 2008

because it's about time i have a post with a picture of ellie.

This was from last month and thank you Chelsie for providing the mess on her face and hands!

american anthem

After watching the men's gymnastics last night, I was taken back to my early years when a movie called American Anthem came out. Lindsi do you remember this? You were probably the only one who watched it with me I think. Anyway, it has Mitch Gaylord in it and back then he was HOT! I need to find this movie again to check it out - anybody else ever heard of it?

And when I googled his name to find out the name of the movie since I had forgotten, it looks like he was a judge for Celebrity Circus - did anybody watch that because it wasn't on my list. Just wondering if he's still hot???

August 10, 2008

happy thoughts...

- daily slurpees

- gas under $4.00

- joaquin's birthday in less than 1 week

- california in less than 1 month

- 2008 summer olympics

- ellie cracking me up every day

- beginning to purge things

- getting a library card

- starbucks on a monday morning

Anybody want to add anything else?

August 9, 2008

baby shower favors

still in search of ideas.
Anyone have any?
I've got less than a week to figure this out - please kids, help a girl out!

Please let me know even if I don't know you - anything will help!

Please, Please, Please!

Can you tell the urgency?

Thanks and we'll be back to normal blogging later...

August 5, 2008

cool stuff.

If I end up moving - I totally want to do something like this. And it's styrofoam!
Click on the free pdf download, and it comes up with some cool stuff on the cheap!
(Taush, this is so up your alley)

August 4, 2008

cool mom award goes to...


Because I went to Walmart and got about 18 packs of crayons and notebooks.

24 pack of crayons: $.22
70 sheet notebook: $.05
Having Ellie finally go #2 in the toilet and seeing her face when she gets a new pack of crayons and a book as a reward: priceless.

Now, I have the crayons and the notebooks, just have to work on the toilet thing.

If you want a cool mom award also - get on over to Walmart quick (I know Target is soooo much better, but you can't beat 22 cents for Crayola crayons!)


We are having a baby shower for a cousin of mine in a couple weeks and we need some sort of favor idea.
The only ones I can think of are the baby bottles filled with m&m's or jelly bellies. But, what exactly do you do with the baby bottles after anyway? Might be a waste...
So, does anyone out in blogland have any ideas of something cute we could throw together?



August 3, 2008

don't freak out.

I went to church today.
Joaquin, myself, Ellie and my mom went to church. And no it wasn't the Starbucks church which is usually what we do on Sunday (although, that came after church).
I was thinking about it and the last time I was in a church was when we went to Joaquin's friends wedding at a Catholic church 3 1/2 years ago. I guess it was probably time to go back.
It was a Lutheran church that some friends of ours go to. It was sooo different than the LDS church I was used to.
They had a band and singers. They had 2 big screens built into the wall for words to the songs and the message. Since I have been baptized, I was able to take communion, which consisted of a wafer and wine. I took Ellie up with me and they gave her a quick little blessing. They had donuts and coffee after in the gym. And you could pretty much wear a tank top and shorts and it would be fine. It was only 1 hour long compared to the 3 I have been used to and it was a good message. The kind that you hear and think, this is probably something I should be hearing about now.
I'm very proud of stepping "out of my box" and who knows, I just might be going again next Sunday!