July 31, 2008

highlights of the 2 year shrek party

July 30, 2008

this is what happens when jessica babysits...

I borrowed Jessica's camera card to get pictures from the Shrek party and this is one I discovered from months ago. Love it!
Thanks Jess for tending - I probably still owe you dinner or something for doing that. I should probably get on it!

July 29, 2008

modbe sale

Get on over to the modbe website as soon as possible!

They are having a big sale!

Put me down as your consultant - #1928. Help a sister out!

I just received my package today so hopefully this new adventure will begin soon!


July 27, 2008


Happy Birthday Ellie!
I hope you had a fantastic day!
We love you pretty girl!

More pictures to come - and some that look like she is actually having a good time!

July 24, 2008

it's over.

the privacy that is. We are now public again! Tell your friends!


I am in desperate need for a new blog design - who can help this somewhat computer illiterate person out?
edited - thank you Lindsay!

July 22, 2008

modbe. that's me!

You are looking at (or better yet, reading) that I will be your new modbe clothing consultant. So, get your cute stuff from me! Once everything is finalized, I will hopefully have a link on the side for better access. So check it out now so you can get your wishlists going! New stuff coming out in September...

Also, when this happens - we will no longer be private anymore. So lucky you!!

July 20, 2008

in search of...

I am looking for some sort of drink that can go in a large cooler on a hot day. Preferably one that I can add Sprite too or something. Not to offend, but I know these kind of drinks are big at the Mormon get togethers. So, I am hoping someone can help me out!

July 8, 2008

we're back and it's only 109 degrees

As I mentioned before, we went to Utah for a long weekend. Just ask 75% of my blog readers - I would say that is about the ratio of people I saw. Be at a bbq or the parade or just walking on the street - I saw people!

And now, for a quick recap...

Thursday - headed out bright and early with the parents and Ellie. Ellie is a very good car traveler. Especially when Shrek or The Wonder Pets are playing. We stopped in Nephi for some gas and food. It was pretty much the worst Burger King food we have had in a long time. I would recommend you skip Nephi all together in your road travels. Hung out at Emilee's house for most of the day and then had a rip roaring card game of Hand and Foot. I used to play this game with the Hamilton's all the time back in the day, and was reintroduced to it after my parents got back from Hawaii and learned it. Now, we play it every chance we get. It's pretty funny playing any sort of game with the parents since I don't remember the last time either of them said - hey, let's play a game.

Friday - Happy 4th of July! We went to the Evergreen Park parade and met up with Liz and her cute family.

This picture of Ellie and Meredith was taken right before they fell to the ground. Oops.
The parade was pretty much a bust. This parade or the carnival that happens after was pretty much a staple for me growing up. But, I don't know if it's just lame now that I am older or if it just used to be better like I think it was. I'm going with the later on this one. At least Ellie was comfortable...

Later that night, we went to a bbq at my cousin Andy's house and then watched some fireworks.

Saturday - We all headed up to Park City where we went to dinner at Wasatch Brewery and some ice cream for Ellie and then of course more games of Hand and Foot. And I can't forget about the t-shirt that I picked up for Joaquin.

Sunday - We went to Park Silly Fest. It is a very cool thing and I suggest all you Utahn's go. I picked up a new necklace and a frame that somehow I need to steal the idea and make them myself for profit. Had a bbq with more cousins at Emilee's house. It was fun to see everyone again and meet some new people. And, I'm so glad Ellie had fun with her cousins. She doesn't get around little kids much so it's good for her. And of course, I only got maybe one picture. Taush - thanks for the gift, now I can print all my recipes in recipe size form! Shawni, it was good to see you and your husband - I'm sure you have been told this before but you guys look alike! You know that is a good sign! And congratulations! Chelsie - it was good to finally meet you! The dessert was delicious - maybe you should sign up for the next Food Network star. I would ask you for the recipe but I am kidding myself if I think I could possibly make those! And, if you guys happen to move out this way, I would go visit. That should be incentive enough!

Monday - yes, I didn't go back on Sunday and I was so happy! Did a little running around and then lunch and of course a sno shack before the dreaded ride home. Thank you Jessica for driving! This whole trip was worth it - I didn't have to buy a cent of gas!

And that was supposed to be a quick update but in all actuality, I'm sure I forgot some stuff!

July 1, 2008

Happy July.

So would this day be considered hump day for the year?

Thanks to house seats and me being at the right place at the right time, Joaquin and I are going to see Bette Midler tonight. Got super lucky on getting those tickets. Hopefully Ms. M will be a good show.

I have a 6 day weekend coming up. Can it get any better than that? Why, yes it could. It could be a whole month weekend if I didn't have to go to work. Someday...

This is the month that Ellie turns 2 years old. Freaky. And the fact that I still look like I'm pregnant is even more freaky. I'm blaming it on the age. If I was like some of my friends, I would have kids old enough to babysit mine at this point and my body would be back to normal. Oh well, let the party planning begin!

We have 2 tickets to Peter Frampton at the Red Rock on July 11th that we won't be using if anyone wants them.

I have someone interested in another one of my Craigs list postings. If I do infact meet with the guy, I'm taking the goods to Smith's. And not to bring up Dave again, but he did mention that when he got lost, he went to that Smith's and was so happy because he found a fountain that he could use for his yard. See it all turned out swell.

And the countdown begins: 46 days until I will be married to a 40 year old. A 40 year old! I remember when that just seemed really old. Now I'm almost married to one. I guess when you are almost there yourself, 40 is like the new 20. If only we felt that way!

So much planned for the Utah trip: 4th of July parade, IKEA, bbq at cousins house, bbq at sisters house, Park City, Ellie swimming, farmers market. I know there is more, I guess we'll just figure it out when we get there!

I hope everyone has a fantastic July and if you are Canadian - Happy Canada Day. Eh.