February 12, 2009

i have an excuse.

We have had to take poor little Ellie to the doctor twice this week. First time, they had to put oxygen on her as she was weezing and couldn't breathe.
The next day when she wasn't getting any better, we took her to another doctor where Joaquin's cousin is a nurse and they told us she is sick, she is getting her molars and she is getting an ear infection.
Poor kid!
I probably should have taken a day off of work to help out, but instead I let my parents take care of her all week. Thanks guys! I owe you!

We have also started potty training. Again. This time, it seems to be going much better. Hopefully it will stick this time.
Sadly, that is pretty much all that has been happening around here.
Oh yes, and the fact that I am completely exhausted all the time also means no blogging.
I just got in the second trimester today - yay! So, hopefully this tiredness is almost over.

Back to our regularly scheduled program...

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Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

I hope she gets feeling better..There is nothing worse than sick kids. I am glad you are past the first trimester too,That one is the worst!!