July 7, 2009

for sale

this 365 scrapbooking kit

If you click on the link, it should give you all the details you need. I have an extra one that has never been opened. I REALLY need to clean out my scrapbook room and I'm starting with this.

If anyone wants it, it sold (not available anymore) for $39.95. I'll sell mine for $30 and if you live in Utah, hopefully can be delivered in person to avoid outrageous shipping fees.

Just let me know, hopefully by next week as that is when the Utah trip will be...


Tausha said...

so did you already have the party? How did it go? Did you play pin the hotdog in the bun? Did you have the hotdog cake-you know where you make a long cake and decorate it with frosting to look like a cake?
Did you make a hotdog craft?

Lori said...

Taush -

No, the party is at the end of July? Are you coming? Nothing has been done except for me ordering a hotdog pinata. Slacking big time on my part!